Let's Get Digital! A Donor Database You Can Depend On

April 17, 2021
10 minutes

If you were to describe what your current donor database looks like, how would that portrayal go? Do you currently cross-check information across multiple spreadsheets? How many tabs and documents do you have to open to figure out how to contact a donor and see their donation history? 36% of nonprofit organizations struggle to collate donor information, and as a result, they find themselves losing important data through institutional memory loss.

Now imagine this: you sit down at your computer and open one program that contains everything you need to oversee your donor management.

It would be a flood of relief to have access to tidy and useful donor management software, right?

Good news: you already have that access!

A donation management system like this may sound advanced, but it’s actually simpler than a spreadsheet. And it won’t cost you any extra since you’ve just signed up for a Funraise Free account.

A Donor Management System that Works for You

The donor management tools built into Funraise are intuitive and help you track and nurture donor relationships. From one simple platform, you've got access to everything below. But hey, just to warn you, some of this stuff is exclusive to our paid product. So if you see something you want but don't have, hit us up so we can talk features.

Track donor retention rates

See which donors that your development staff needs to reconnect with or when donors are dropping off. Come back, LYBUNTY!

See donation history

View donation histories by month or year and also by individual donor or household.

Review all of your donors in one place

Get a clear view of the big picture! Pinpoint who makes up the bulk of your donor base and where your org can grow.

Organize your donor database

Make it easy for your development staff to see who to nurture. Create and manage donation levels and segment donor portfolios.

Create workflows for development staff

This is a biggie, and one of Funraise's favorite features. The best part: no more guessing games about where to put staff energy, cuz it all flows where it's needed.

Track supporter data

Easily access, edit, and manage donor data including interactions, emails, household info, subscriptions, and a lot more. All in one place!

Filter donors based on demographics

Create handy reports to get the data down-low on who supports your nonprofit, track donation activity, and debrief after events and campaigns.

Keep track of donor communications

Log and track donor interactions, including emails and social media engagement. Make note of coffee dates, high fives, and fist bumps, if you want!

Best of all, when you create lists or reports in Funraise you can save them. That means finding information quickly and easily for grant applications and meetings. Impromptu strategic planning meeting? No problem, you've got reports on donors on transactions ready to go. Or you can apply filters and quickly create reports while you're meeting. Plus, it’s all saved in the same place, so any team member can access the information if needed.

Funraise is so stoked to have you; our donation management software is ready to transform your fundraising experience.

So, wait, is that it? Did you take all the steps in our Let's Get Digital! series? Oh, dang! You're digital, now, buddy! If you need a reminder, though, here are the other articles in the series.

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