Donation Management

One-stop donation management in Funraise's robust nonprofit CRM.

Simple Donation Management

From PayPal to Apple Pay to hardcopy checks, manage all your donations in one place with our easy-to-use online fundraising tools.

Transactions records in Funraise
Corresponding Transaction and Supporter details in Funraise.

Robust Donation Profiles

Handle individual donations down to the last detail. Add the donation to a specific fundraising page, change allocations, and edit donor data.

Intuitive Donation Reporting

Work smarter; work smarter. Run simple or complex donation database reports with flexible filters that make managing donations a cinch.

Filters to segment out Transactions inside Funraise.
Transaction lists within Funraise

Dynamic Reports

Donation reporting just got easier. Define custom parameters and automate your donation reports. Customize your donation software and automatically produce robust reports.

Donation Tasks

No donations left behind. Assign donations to specific team members via automated rules so you never lose touch with a donor.

Listed Automated Tasks by donation in Funraise

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

Manage donations like a boss.


Allow donors to select exactly how their donation should be used. Create unique allocations and track nonprofit program goals.

Donation Tags

Organize donations by adding tags to track performance, flag donation processing, and identify donation pledges, in one donation management CRM.


Handle refunds quickly and seamlessly, directly in an all-in-one nonprofit donor management platform. Dealing with merchant services is thing of the past.

Pledge Management

Monitor incoming future donations with detailed donation pledge records that can be tracked and automated for easy follow-up and reporting.

Fundraising Page Goals

Input donations so they appear directly on your fundraising website progress bar or add donations to specific supporter fundraising pages.

URL Reporting

Track the performance of your donation landing pages, and analyze and optimize your content based on the results.