What Makes Peer-to-peer Fundraising So Effective?

December 12, 2017
3 minutes

Your supporters love you. They really do.

Their passion for your purpose is what makes peer-to-peer fundraising so successful. When you empower your supporters with native tools to collect donations and share their passion, the result is hundreds of people spreading your mission and sparking that same passion in others. Your fundraisers see themselves as an extension of your organization and want to be a part of the impact you're making.

Peer-to-peer campaigns allow your supporters to create a webpage that speaks to their network about why they're passionate about your purpose. This is incredibly powerful. Using Funraise, you have as much or as little control over their pages as you wish. Keep it branded and on-theme or let your supporters design their own pages; it's up to you.

Three screenshots of peer-to-peer fundraising pages. The two in the background are faded, and the one in front is bright and showcases a lion.
When a fundraiser feels connected to the mission, they'll work hard to reach their goal.

With Funraise peer-to-peer fundraising, you reap the benefits of your fundraisers' reputations; while a connected donor may not be familiar with your work, they know and like your supporters and want to support their passions. Not only do your fundraisers have a handy way to request donations from their network, your organization benefits from the best kind of advertising you could ever hope for: a referral from a happy fundraiser. This is the real power of peer-to-peer campaigns.

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