Donation Tasks

Easily maintain donor relationships, track interactions, and save a bundle on sticky notes.

Manage donor tasks, all at once

Easily conduct a task symphony. Set rules, create and move tasks, monitor response times, and pull reports, all with a few clicks within one super-robust, super-smart automated nonprofit task tool.

Create Automated Task flyout within the Tasks section of Funraise.
My Tasks section of Funraise

To-Do Lists

Your fundraising to-do list is simple to use and automatically generated.

Auto donor assignments

Match your supporters and staff. Using rules that reflect your priorities, like amount or frequency of donations, automatically assign donors to yourself or a team member.

My Portfolio list in Funraise's Supporters section.
Interaction Tracking and Interaction Details in Funraise.

Interaction Tracking

Log your interactions with your donors. A completed task can appear as an interaction on the donor's profile to keep track of each step in the relationship.

Team Task Reports

Pull personalized reports and view your entire task landscape. Manage your team's tasks for deep, engaged donor interactions. See your entire fundraising team's tasks from filterable reports.

Tasks section in Funraise with a list of filters on the left side.

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

No more sticky notes.

Automated Task Rules

Control who gets assigned to which donor, when a task should be done, and other donation automations.

Donor Follow-up

Organize individual supporter engagement and track follow-up from one easy-to-use automated task tool.

Task —> Interaction

See completed tasks appear as an interaction on your donors' profiles and keep track of each step in your donor relationships.

Track Response Time

Easily view response times across your team so you can pinpoint ways to improve donor satisfaction, building trust and strengthening relationships with your supporter base.