A Data-based Solution for the 21% of Nonprofits Without a Donor CRM

October 8, 2019
7 minutes

Still using spreadsheets and lists to keep track of donations and donors?  Don't you owe it to your org to learn how adopting a more simplified yet powerful way to manage your donors and donations can revolutionize your impact? Read on, friend!

According to the Global NGO Technology Report 2019, 85% of U.S. and Canadian nonprofits accept online donations, while only 64% use Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to track donations and manage donor communications. That means that 21% accept online donations, but don't have a program to track and manage them... Sooooo, what the heck are those in the 21% using? Spreadsheets? Memory? Or, dare we say it, nothing?!

It's no surprise that nonprofits are often the last to get on board with upgrading their technology and modernizing their fundraising strategies, even when the data confirms that doing so helps streamline processes, increase revenue, and cultivate donors. Listen up 21%'ers; this one's for you. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why you don't use a nonprofit CRM (budget, resources, etc.), let's focus on how your fundraising life will drastically improve once you decide to leave the spreadsheets behind and take the CRM leap.

Automate your donor communications

Imagine a world where you spend your time cultivating and nurturing major donors, drafting amazeballs grant applications, and planning out-of-the-box fundraising experiences instead of sending acknowledgment emails, tax receipts, and the like. Guess what? That world exists. With a nonprofit CRM, all these tasks and more are automated for your fundraising pleasure.

Simplify how you manage donor data

A CRM means you can keep track of all your donor communications in one delightful place without switching between a gazillion spreadsheet tabs to find what you're looking for. Easily access, edit, and manage comprehensive donor data, including giving history, recurring donations, demographic info, and so much more. You can even document your communication with donors and log and track interactions directly on donor profiles within your donor CRM so you're always one step ahead.

Optimize your fundraising campaigns

If fundraising campaigns are your nonprofit's bread and butter, a donor CRM will be your most trusted tool. That is if having all your campaign donations automatically entered into an easy-to-manage online platform is your thing. And more than managing donations, your nonprofit CRM lets you create powerful audience segments with useful filters that take the headache out of nonprofit donation management. Filter by last donation date, giving capacity, and more. You can even build dynamic segments (they update themselves!!) and develop custom parameters that'll turn into donor lists tailor-made to enhance your fundraising initiatives. Yes, this is real life.

Streamline your email marketing process

About those fundraising campaigns. You're probably sending out tons of email appeals and newsletters to gain momentum for your campaigns right? Well, instead of haphazardly uploading contact lists that are dispersed across 10 spreadsheets and the ED's Outlook contact list, simplify your funding life with a CRM and integrate it with your email marketing platform, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Easily migrate your data

If you're worried that adopting a nonprofit CRM will entail a messy migration process, it's time to throw that excuse out the window. With donor CRMs (Like Funraise's), nonprofits can seamlessly migrate their entire donor database (including recurring donors) into a robust nonprofit donor management platform. And if you chose Funraise, we've got a super-nonprofit-savvy Customer Success Team who'll walk you through the entire process.

So, what are you waiting for, 21%'ers? We totally understand your struggles. Resources are spread thin, budgets are minimal, and leadership is often averse to change. ...which is exactly why you need a CRM. Your time is vastly more valuable when it's put toward donor cultivation. The proof is in the data, so start using it to help you make much-needed changes. Now get out there and get what's rightfully yours—a smart nonprofit CRM made by nonprofit people.

P.S. Funny enough, this is exactly what Funraise does and exactly how this platform could transform your impact. Don't take our word for it, take a look now!

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