Donor CRM

Say yes to intuitive donor management tools that'll help you maximize donations and nurture donor relationships.

Screenshot of Funraise's Supporter management screen.

Robust Donor Profiles

Powerful, simple donor management.

Easily access, edit, and manage comprehensive donor data, including giving history, recurring donations, demographic info, and so much more.

Screenshot of a supporter profile within Funraise's CRM, detailing all donations.
Screenshot of Funraise's Supporter reporting.
Intuitive Reporting Tools

Optimize your fundraising campaigns.

Create powerful audience segments with useful filters that take the headache out of nonprofit donation management. Filter by last donation date, giving capacity, and more.

Donor Lists

Manage donors with dynamic segments.

Develop custom parameters to create powerful donor lists that enhance your fundraising initiatives. Track donor retention and monitor progress.

Screenshot of a table within Funraise showing a list of donor segments.
Screenshot of Funraise's Supporter management screen.
Donor Portfolios

Nurture your donor relationships.

Assign each staff member their own portfolio of donors to help develop personal relationships and boost donor retention.

Interaction Tracking

Document your communication with donors.

Keep track of all your donor communications in one delightful place. Log and track interactions directly on donor profiles within the donor CRM so you're always one step ahead.

Screengrabs of donor interaction tracking within Funraise.

Donor Management, Simplified.

Easy Migrations
Migrate your entire legacy donor database into our seamless and robust nonprofit donor management software.
Soft Credits
Assign soft credits within the donation management CRM and track how your personal network is impacting your fundraising efforts.
Create donor profiles for companies, affiliate groups, and organizations, then assign a point of contact.
Social Screening
Enhance your donor profiles with social data pulled from top social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
In-Platform Wealth Screenings
Assess your donors' giving capacity with reputable wealth reporting technology.
Retention Emails
Send automated emails to donors at the right timeβ€”base email blast timing on donation activity.
Recurring Donors
Manage your recurring donations and update credit card information directly from the donor's profile in the fundraising CRM.
Supporter Tags
Apply advanced tags to easily identify successful campaigns. Tagged information can be used to quickly build lists, develop reports, and run A/B tests.
Yearly Donation Summary
Automatically send donors their annual tax information with customized emails.
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