Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

P2P fundraising fuels your mission by leveraging the incredible social power of your most dedicated supporters.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the most effective ways to expand your donor base–but not all P2P sites are created equal. Successful supporter-powered fundraising is fueled by smart nonprofit tech.

Five yellow stars

“It’s the best P2P product I’ve found with a robust donor CRM.”

Chris H · Chief Marketing Officer

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Customizable Supporter Pages

Personalization is our super power. Easy-to-customize peer-to-peer pages let fundraisers add their own custom video, images, and text to amp up excitement on behalf of their favorite nonprofit (yours!)

Screenshot of an individual fundraiser page for a kids' baseball team. Inset on the right is the very short, easy form to create a fundraiser page.
Peer-to-peer fundraising page for a fictional nonprofit named After School. On a blue background, there are nine team sections, each with a headshot.

Exceptional Donor Experience

Fully customizable fundraising websites make a robust donor experience. Include custom colors, images, and content to tell your nonprofit's story and increase donations.

Responsive Mobile Websites

Allow donors to seamlessly give on their mobile devices with responsive and intuitive mobile-friendly fundraising sites. Donating-on-the-go never looked so good.

Image of a cell phone showing an individual fundraiser page. To the right is a photo of a man looking at his phone.
Image of a series of emails going out to donors of the fictional After School nonprofit.

Automated Emails

It's an automation nation. Create a successful peer-to-peer campaign with customized automated emails based on fundraising activity. Build momentum and engage supporters by scheduling milestone emails when you reach 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your fundraising goal.

Fundraising Commitments

Hard deadline & hard fundraising goal? No problem. Set a non-negotiable fundraising goal for your P2P fundraisers. Charge their payment method on file if they don't reach the commitment amount.

Image of Funraise's platform showing four fundraisers' progress and remaining amounts to raise, with a popped-out box showing the option to charge the amount remaining.

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