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How to ask for donations with an AI generator

Looking to level up your fundraising appeals? Say hello to AppealAI, your AI-powered fundraising copy generator! Level up your fundraising game with AI-driven emails and social posts that captivate and inspire your supporters to take action. Let AppealAI do the heavy lifting while you focus on making real impact.

Email fundraising appeal with AI

Want to add some AI-powered pizzazz to your fundraising emails? Look no further! AppealAI makes it easy to create efficient and compelling emails for annual appeals, Giving Tuesday appeals, and more. Using AppealAI to create a generative AI donation appeal is a breeze: Simply provide your organization details, hit submit, and let the fundraising letters AI generator deliver a personalized fundraising appeal email.

AI-powered social media post fundraising appeals

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create compelling and effective content for your fundraising campaigns. Funraise's innovative AI tools generate high-quality Facebook appeals, donation appeals, and more, all tailored to your nonprofit's needs. With AI, you can streamline creative appeal creation and focus on engaging with potential donors.
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