Accept Recurring Donations Online with Monthly Recurring Giving

Engage your community and raise more by accepting recurring donations online through recurring giving tools.

Here's why recurring donations matter:

Monthly giving programs for nonprofits are increasing in popularity because they're a predictable, effective method to consistent donation growth. Donors love them because they can give more without busting their wallets.

Growth impact of recurring donations

The average monthly donor gives $656 annually
vs. a one time donor that gives $128.

Modern Fundraising Methods via a monthly giving program

Monthly giving grew by over 40% in 2018
of donors today are enrolled in a monthly giving program

Source: NP Source

Key features of our recurring donation platform

Monthly recurring donation subscriptions made easy

Encourage donors to join your monthly program through an easy online donation platform. Donors can set up their recurring donation with a 1-2-click on your website. Need to set it up for them? Create a donation subscription right inside the platform.

Example donation form for a nonprofit named Re:Cycle. The background is purple water and the donation buttons on the donation form are the same purple.
Screenshot of Funraise's Subscriptions section, with a pink header. Also shows the filters you can use in that section.

Report on monthly recurring subscriptions

All the information you need to steer your monthly recurring subscription strategy. Access your donors' monthly subscriptions to charity in one place. Easily find what you’re looking for and create reports to track your progress.

Complete settings for your monthly donation platform

Easily create and edit a donor’s monthly donations in Funraise's monthly donation platform. Provide exceptional support to your donors when you accept recurring donations, update their recurring dates, amounts, allocations, and even payment methods for them.

Screenshot of Funraise's Edit Subscription flyout on the Subscriptions screen.
Screenshot of an example email sent to donors to update expiring credit cards. The header image on the email is Patrick, the starfish from SpongeBob, screaming.

Retention emails within the monthly giving platform

Send a gentle (or screaming) reminder to your donors to keep their monthly charity donations going. Using a prebuilt, automated email campaign that nudges donors toward updating expiring credit cards is the best way to never miss a donation.

Retain that recurring donation with the Card-Updater Genie

Reduce churn automatically with the card-updater genie: An ideal solution to maintain monthly donations for nonprofits.

20% of recurring revenue is lost unintentionally—bank changes to donors' expired and updated credit cards can damage your predictable monthly donor revenue.

Funraise's Card Genie can reduce recurring revenue churn by automatically updating donors' payment methods as soon as their bank issues a new card.

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

Automated monthly donation platform solutions to retain your recurring donations.

Card Account Auto-Updater

When an existing donor receives a new credit card, Funraise can update their monthly giving subscription to recognize the new card automatically.

Expiring Card Reporting

Simple reporting allows you to proactively contact donors with upcoming credit card expiration dates to ensure that their monthly charity donation payment is seamless, as always.

Failed Payment Auto-Email

When a recurring donation fails, donors receive an automated email with a link so that they can update their payment method in less than a minute.

Expiring Card Automated Email Reminders

Set up automated reminder emails so that your recurring donors update their expiring card before they miss a donation.

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Fundraising Intelligence

Nonprofit Fundraising Dashboards & Reports

Reveal intelligent insights into nonprofit sustainability and growth. Make smart fundraising decisions with smart fundraising data.
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Various nonprofit fundraising charts and graphs.
AI Fundraising Intelligence

Experience a new era in fundraising reporting. Today's data reveals both past and future.

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AI  Forecasting
Forecast donation revenue and new donor activity using AI models powered by your past performance.
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AI Explanations
Understand the logic supporting your data and unearth new strategies with AI data explanations.
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Data Alerts
Receive automatic email or Slack alerts for revenue thresholds and performance anomaly detections.
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Report Templates
Stop building the same reports over and over! Save time and do more with ready-made reports built by fundraising experts.
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Welcome to Fundraising Intelligence

The most advanced configurable nonprofit data reports. The most valuable toolkit for data-driven strategies. The intelligent fundraising platform you need.
    Nonprofit Data Dashboards

    Visualize donor and donation trends at a glance

    Identify success stories and pain points with configurable charts, graphs, and diagrams. Discover how to maximize what's working and minimize fundraising flops in realtime.
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      AI Trend Forecasting

      Predict the future with forecasts powered by AI

      Forecast donation revenue and donor activity with AI models informed by past performance.
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        Nonprofit Report Library

        Access templates of the most common nonprofit reports

        Stop building and re-building the same reports. Step up your reporting game with time-saving report templates built by fundraising experts.
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          Custom Nonprofit Reports

          Reporting without limits

          Build completely custom fundraising reports and dashboards with cross-object reporting, formula libraries, conditional formatting, and more.
            Fundraising report building tools.
            AI Explanations

            Let AI explain key points in your fundraising

            What's The Why underneath your data? Uncover unexpected patterns contributing to growth or decline in your fundraising performance.
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              Nonprofit Reporting Features

              AI that delivers everything from pre-built fundraising reports to donation trend forecasting

              Scheduled reports
              Send pre-scheduled PDF reports to your board via email or set up automatic reporting for your team.
              AI explanations
              Forecast donation revenue and new donor activity with AI models powered by your past performance.
              Custom formulas
              Build custom formulas to support highly specific and strategic reports without having to export any data.
              Conditional formatting
              Increase legibility of reports and highlight important details with custom conditional formatting.
              Manage permissions
              Keep data secure by controlling access to and editing permissions for each report.
              Cross-object reporting
              Create complex cross-object reports that balance donors, donations, fundraising pages, registrations, and more.
              Export to CSV & PDF
              Turn any dashboard into a beautifully-formatted, exportable donation report PDF to share with your team or use in presentations.
              Robust report library
              Save time and step up your reporting game by using ready-made reports built by fundraising experts.
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              Fundraising Auctions

              Online Charity Auctions

              Create and run your best online charity auctions ever with easy-to-use silent auction tools made for your nonprofit.
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              Run Online Silent Auctions

              Increase donation revenue with easy, friendly online silent auction websites for nonprofits.

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              Silent Auction Items
              Showcase your nonprofit's auction items on your silent auction website and collect bids online.
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              Online & Mobile Bidding
              Engage donors with online bidding and let them keep track of their silent auction bids from anywhere.
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              Bidding Alerts
              Keep participants engaged and bidding by sending automated text message alerts when they've been outbid.
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              Easy Payment Collection
              Collect payment methods upfront and seamlessly charge top bidders at your auction's (custom) closing time.
              Build Charity Auction Sites

              The best silent auction websites for nonprofits

              Bring fundraising auctions to life and increase revenue with easy, modern silent auction websites. Showcase your fundraiser's charity auction items, collect bids, and facilitate seamless payments.
                Example auction item with button to place bid.
                Display Auction Items

                Add items to your silent auction website with a click

                Easily add silent auction items to your auction fundraiser. Customize the auction display with auction images, descriptions, starting bid amounts, and Fair Market Value.
                  List of auction items with button to add more.
                  Send Auction Bid Alerts

                  Increase fundraising auction revenue with text bid alerts

                  Increase auction action—and fundraising revenue—by sending real-time auction bid alerts. Automated text alerts tell a bidder when they’ve been outbid and keep the bids coming.
                    Mobile phone with example auction notification text message and headphones as the auction item.
                    Collect Bid Payments

                    Collect payment methods and seamlessly charge bidders

                    Collect auction payment methods upfront, then efficiently charge winning bidders at the close of your auction. Your team wins by not chasing down auction item payments.
                      Nonprofit auction bid management tools.
                      Fundraising Auctions, Simplified

                      Launch your best auction website yet with must-have online auction features.

                      Silent auction websites
                      Launch a nonprofit fundraiser auction with an easy-to-use silent auction site featuring digital auction tools.
                      Custom auction items
                      Configure auction item images, descriptions, starting bid amounts, and Fair Market Value.
                      Automated bid alerts
                      Send text messages to alert bidders when they’ve been outbid so they can increase their bid—and your revenue.
                      Simplified auction receipts
                      Automatically send charity auction receipts with important information like auction item Fair Market Value.
                      Starting bid amounts
                      Maximize your auction's fundraising revenue by setting starting bid amounts for silent auction items.
                      Easy auction payments
                      Require auction participants to add a payment method before bidding on fundraising auction items.
                      Auction open and close dates
                      Set open and close dates and times for your auction. Build excitement by previewing auction items before accepting bids.
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