Donor Portal App

An easy-to-use mobile app for donors to view and manage their donations.

Your donors manage so much of their lives with apps, why not their donations?


of US/CA donations are made online with a credit or debit card
Source: 2020 Giving Report


of nonprofit website visitors come from mobile devices

Modern Giving Portal

Give a pocket full of impact. Provide your donors with access to their donation information whenever they need it. Giving your donors access to their donation information reminds them of the impact and partnership their generosity made possible.

View & Manage Donations

Review and resend donation receipts regularly. In Giving, donors can view all their donations to your organization and resend donation receipts to themselves anytime... making managing and planning their budgets easier than ever.

Yearly Donation Summary

EZ Tax Prep! Help donors prepare for tax season—with a click, donors can email themselves their yearly donation summary PDF. Yep, that means you no longer need to send that email to all your donors every year.

Recurring Donation Management

Give your donors control over their recurring donation subscriptions, including amounts, frequencies, and payment methods, with Giving by Funraise's total app access.

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

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