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Create beautiful online donation websites with an easy-to-use fundraising nonprofit website builder.

Your nonprofit team's dreams do come true with Funraise's nonprofit website builder.

Your fundraising knowledge isn't in question. And with Funraise Sites, your website development experience won't be, either. Funraise's industry-leading nonprofit website builder offers all the features and options any fundraiser needs to click-click-build effective fundraising sites.

Key features of our campaign website builder

Charitable organizations of all kinds use fundraising campaign websites to accept donations, sell tickets, sign up fundraisers, and more. A campaign website builder makes creating sites easy and efficient.

Simple microsite builder

Funraise's microsite builder makes it easy to create fundraising pages and campaign sites like never before. Our live editor allows you to create a fundraising site with ease, including specialty colors and fonts, text, buttons, images, videos, and more, simply and user-friendly-y.

Create strategy-specific fundraising sites with Funraise's donation website maker

From donation landing pages to complete campaign microsites, create pages and sites, no matter the fundraising strategy. From simple donation pages to recurring donation programs to event ticketing or a complete peer-to-peer community microsite—Funraise’s donation website maker has you covered.

Peer-to-peer websites are a breeze with Funraise's nonprofit website builder

Enable peer-to-peer fundraising for an immediate revenue boost. Encourage your supporters to create their own customizable fundraising pages on your site. Fundraisers can set individual fundraising goals and share their page with family, friends, and the wide world.

Screenshot of a fundraising website overlaid with a fundraising progress bar and activity feed showing donors and their donation amounts.

Donation progress bars and feeds integrate with Funraise's campaign website builder

Show your supporters that you're making strides. Keep up momentum by adding riveting progress bars and donation feeds to your site. Track progress to a goal or get fancy and display the number of custom projects funded.

Custom Styles and Scripts

Developers, we got your back, too.

Add custom HTML, global CSS styles, and tracking scripts to Funraise Sites for an entirely customized experience.

*THE* feature-packed nonprofit website builder.

Header Code Injection
Add custom code into your site’s global header. Add CSS styles, tracking scripts, or custom form configurations.
Site Fonts & Colors
Edit your site’s fonts and color themes. Even create multiple themes that can be used to quickly style a page section.
Custom Pages
Add additional pages to the campaign site, like an “FAQ” or “About Us” page.
Video backgrounds
Add background videos to your page layouts. This subtle-or-splashy design sparkle can increase the storytelling power of your site.
Section Grids
This is more than a text editor! You can add columns to sections and build a smart layout based on your nonprofit's content needs.
Content Is king
Choose from a library of prebuilt sections that provide blocks for text, buttons, images, videos, HTML, and more.
Custom URLs
Add a custom URL to your fundraising website for a completely branded experience.
Social Sharing
Make it easy for supporters to share your site with their social networks—provide snackable, shareable posts and images for super simple social posts.