Fundraising Websites

Create beautiful online donation websites with an easy-to-use fundraising website builder.

Screenshot of a fundraising website where the background is teal water overlaid with white text and a blue donate button.

Donation Landing Pages

Collect online donations on unique donation pages.

Make one main donation page or lotsa campaign-specific landing pages with easily editable colors, text, and images.

Examples of four different fundraising pages for one fictional nonprofit named Our Water.
Screenshot of a peer-to-peer fundraising page. Inset on the right is the same page on a cell phone.
Peer-to-peer Websites

Jump into fundraising together!

Encourage your supporters to create their own custom online donation pages. They can set individual fundraising goals and share their page with family and friends.

Create Fundraising Websites

Build fundraising websites without writing a line of code.

You can put together incredibly effective sites, even if you've never done it before. Our live editor allows you to easily choose colors, add text, insert images, and more, simply and user-friendly-y.

Screenshot of the Our Water fundraising website with a flyout showing how to easily edit the page.
Screenshot of a fundraising website overlaid with a fundraising progress bar and activity feed showing donors and their donation amounts.
Follow Live Donation Progress

Show progress bars and activity feeds.

Online or in person, display donor activity, campaign progress, and even the number of projects funded.

Break Out the Custom Development

Developers, we got your back, too.

Add your own HTML, CSS, and alien scripts for an entirely customized experience.

Fictional nonprofit Our Water fundraising website with overlaid dark-mode developer code.

Now you can add Developer to your resume.

Team Fundraising
Whether it's partner schools, chapters, or communities, it's time for some collaborative teamwork toward a collective fundraising goal.
Custom URLs
Your SSL-secured URL can be customized to provide a branded and trusted experience for your donors. Wanna use your own URL? You can do that too!
Campaign Updates
Show accountability to your donors by posting updates to your homepage. Talk about fundraising progress, program challenges, and your organization's successes to keep donors engaged.
Social Sharing
Make it easy for supporters to share your site with their social networksβ€”provide snackable, shareable posts and images for super simple social posts.
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