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"We've seen an increase in our online donor conversion rate which is exciting […] The popup donate forms are genius! It's helped our conversion rate having donors able to donate directly on the page they're looking at without being redirected elsewhere."
Dave E
Communications and Development Coordinator
This changed the game for us […] Our P2P fundraisers were a huge success!
Adriana M
Sponsorship & Marketing Manager
"Funraise has not only helped us raise so much more money, but they've also helped relieve us of administration work with their automation, tracking, and report functionality."
Ashley J
Founder, Executive Director
“We've grown a lot over the past 3+ years […] It has been so great to continually increase our utilization of Funraise as they have added new features and updates, which they do so regularly.”
Emily S
Associate Director of Development
"Funraise has allowed us to generate more income, especially with our annual campaign and our sustaining member campaign."
Lynn P
"Overall, we have outperformed our fundraising goals year over year since using Funraise and our data is now easy to find and manager."
Kasai R
Communications and Development Coordinator
"Our fundraising on Funraise has exceeded $120,000 and the feedback we hear from our donors is that it is a quick and easy way to donate. A win/win!"
Melissa Y
Executive Director
"The intuitive interface has made it so easy for our team to grow aggressively. We have used Funraise to build campaign websites, email prospective donors, acknowledge donations, [and] text event details."
Cristol O
Founder & CEO
"As far as our donation page and first campaign site, we saw an appreciable increase in donations […] Funraise allowed us to reach people who were previously unaware of our work, and thus unaware of the impact their contributions could make to furthering it."
Kasai R
Communications and Development Coordinator

Online Revenue Growth


Online revenue growth compared with industry benchmarks


Average online donation growth
Funraise organizations grow online revenue 73% year over year on average, 3x faster than the industry benchmark.
Averaged industry benchmark: M+R & Blackbaud

Recurring Revenue Growth


Recurring revenue growth
Funraise organizations grow recurring revenue 52% year over year on average.

Donation Form Conversion Rate


Donation Form conversion rate
Website visitors who interact with a Funraise Donation Form complete a donation 50% of the time.

Peer-to-Peer Revenue Growth


Raised by P2P fundraisers compared to top P2P programs


Increase in amount raised  when fundraisers use the Facebook integration
On average, P2P fundraisers on Funraise raise $1,220, 2x the amount of top P2P programs.
Source:  P2P Forum

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