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Text-to-Give & SMS Fundraising

SMS fundraising for nonprofits that results in higher engagement and a donation conversion on your campaign site.
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Example nonprofit text campaign on a mobile phone, illustration shows a text message with link to purchase event tickets.

Cut through the clutter with Text Engagement

This isn't just a communication channel for the next generation. Text Engagement is the person-to-person communication you need today.


95% VS 18% for email


36% VS 6-7% for email

Text Engagement key features

Send text messages to your supporters

Send updates or donation appeals through text messages to a segmented list of supporters or to an individual supporter.
    Nonprofit text message software, illustration shows the ability to send a text message to a list of campaign members.

    Personalized, branded text messaging

    Because Funraise’s Text Engagement is connected to your all-in-one donor CRM, you can send messages as easily as you send emails, and with the same personalized touch. Now you know how to ask for donations!
      Nonprofit text messaging platform, illustration shows the ability to customize a text message and add in personalized data merge tags for the donor name.


      Create custom text-to-give codes and customize automated replies for a quick and easy mobile donation experience.
        Nonprofit text-to-give platform, illustration shows a mobile phone with an example text-to-give message with a link to a donation page.

        A fully mobile donation experience

        Funraise’s text messaging and text-to-give features are made even more powerful with Funraise’s highly-converting nonprofit mobile donation form.
          Nonprofit mobile donation form, illustration shows a donation form open on a mobile phone, a monthly frequency is selected for the donation.

          Text is the name, Text Engagement is the game.

          Send Text Messages
          Send text messages to individual donors or a segmented list of donors for mobile donation experiences or program updates.
          Text-to-give Codes
          Create custom text-to-give codes and activate automated replies for speedy mobile donations.
          Custom Amount Codes
          Enable donors to text GIVE20 or GIVE 50 to prefill a donation form with a specific amount.
          Personalized Text Messages
          Use data merge tags to personalize messages to your supporters.
          Craft snackable content with donation links that donors can forward or share with a click.
          Receive Text Responses
          Receive notifications and view responses when a donor replies to an outbound SMS message.