Let's Get Digital! Using Donation Buttons to Empower Giving

April 19, 2021
10 minutes

You need more donations for your nonprofit. You want more donations. But how do you take that need and want and turn it into something real?

A donation button!

You’re probably thinking: how's a little donation button going to solve fundraising concerns? A donation button is a small package that packs a big punch.

Adding a donation button to your site removes barriers to securing donations. It’s one-stop shopping, except it’s more like one-stop donating. Consider the one-click buy option on Amazon: just one little button to push that automatically charges, ships, and confirms your order.

A donation button serves a similar purpose for fundraising: it’s just one click (one barrier) that donors engage with before providing their info to making that much-appreciated donation.

No more checks that people have to fill out; no envelopes to return or long donation forms to submit via fax or email. A donation button removes those barriers and helps you secure your donations with ease.

Donation Buttons 101

What is a donation button?

It’s a button on your website that's hosted by your fundraising platform, like Funraise, that leads interested donors straight to a simple donation form. Donation buttons should be easy to read and large enough to grab a viewer’s attention.  

Where should a donation button be?

Donation buttons need to be anywhere you’re making an ask. Front and center on your website’s homepage, not buried at the bottom or on an internal page. If you have a visual banner at the top, that’s a perfect place.

They should also be in your emails, especially if you’re sending out a donation ask. They work well after you’ve shared organization updates and needs—and “Donate Now” buttons are a great way to get prospective donors to commit.

Donation Buttons vs Social Media

We support all kinds of fundraising campaigns and we know that the more places you reach people, the greater the donation potential. That said, you can’t rely solely on social media platforms. We know they make it easy with integrated fundraising post options, including their own versions of donate buttons, and we encourage you to explore those and see how your donors react. But most organizations will not be able to raise sufficient funds on social alone—there are just too many organizations and too much noise.  

That’s why a donation button works well for all nonprofits: it’s your very own page and a direct link to you. No cluttered feed and no social media noise.

Funraise Free Donation Button

Getting a donation button is easier than you think and will have a bigger impact than you expect, so hopefully, you're ready to take the plunge and get your very own donation button! That’s where Funraise Free comes in to help: the platform embeds donation forms on your website so you can easily (and securely) collect donations.

Funraise allows you to offer recurring donation frequencies, set payment options and suggested amounts, and makes it easy for people to donate from their phone, tablet, or computer. Like we said: it's a small package that packs a big punch! You’ll be able to capture donations from people on any device, sync your donation form with your integrated email list, and automatically send a donation confirmation receipt, all while collating donor data.

What's the Catch? Or the Cost of Adding a Donation Button?

There's little to no cost to add a donation button to your website. Nearly all web platforms have the option to add a simple button and with Funraise, that integration comes at zero cost to you!

The real cost is simple—time. The longer you wait to get your own donation button, the longer you're leaving potential donors in the dark. Your cause is worth transforming your digital fundraising.

Your donation button win is in the books! Next on the list is setting up an email list, which, if you've seen our newsletter, you'll know we think is super fun. Take that next step, then follow the rest of the steps in our Let's Get Digital! series.

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