Innocence Project raises millions online with Funraise

July 18, 2021
3 minutes
The Innocence Project logo surrounded by portraits of individuals who are several of the 800,000+ supporters on a mission toward criminal justice reform.

Innocence Project needed a fundraising platform that could massively scale online revenue while syncing donor data with Salesforce.

As the incarceration exoneration organization attempted to integrate the fundraising platform they had been working with to Salesforce, they realized that not only did their fundraising platform not provide the tools they needed, but building that missing link for Innocence Project wasn't on their radar.

Many nonprofits will relate to Innocence Project's situation—trying to integrate fundraising software with your CRM and still not having the tools you need is... frustrating, to say the least.

Then, Innocence Project found Funraise.

With the innovative online fundraising features and Salesforce integration that Innocence Project needed, Funraise was the obvious choice for Innocence Project... and the transition came at the perfect time! In early 2020, Innocence Project found growing awareness through their Netflix series called "The Innocence Files" and renewed attention to the issue of police violence in America.

In just 16 months, after ramping up their online fundraising with Funraise, Innocence Project made stunning progress:

  • Raised over $10M online from over 70,000 individual donors
  • Raised over $2.2M in recurring revenue from over 8,800 recurring donors
  • Increased recurring revenue every single month

And the best part of working with their new partner, Funraise? Innocence Project can continue their growth without wondering whether their fundraising platform can handle it.

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