Funraise App

Nonprofit fundraising, wherever, whenever.

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Collect in-person payments instantly.

Collect payments on the go with the Funraise app. Every transaction seamlessly syncs with your Funraise account, making donor data entry obsolete.

Your trusty fundraising buddy, always at your side.

Activity Feed

Your nonprofit's activity is always within reach. Get a bird's eye view of every payment. Whether you're on a beach, in line at Disneyland, or on your couch, your transaction activity is always accessible through the Funraise app.

An image of a cell phone showing total payments by donor. To the right of the cell phone is a photo of a person from the neck down, sitting in a wooden coffee shop chair, looking at their phone.
Photo of a person looking at a mobile donation form on a tablet with a fundraising progress bar laid over top.

Live Event Progress

Get hype with every swipe. Connect your fundraising website to Funraise's mobile fundraising platform and display live transaction activity at your next event. Build excitement as you hit your goal.

Database updates, anywhere

Manage donor profiles on the go. Get Funraise's mobile app to update your donor database in a snap.

Image of a cell phone with an editable supporter profile showing. To the right of the cell phone is a photo of two people shaking hands across a desk.
Image of a hand holding a cell phone that's scanning a QR code for a Winter Gala fundraiser

Event Check-in

Fast, easy, convenient guest check-ins! With the Funraise App, your check-in team can scan a guest’s ticket whether it’s been printed as a physical ticket or presented on a mobile device.

Giving events made easy

“The YMCA of Middle Tennessee exceeded their goals when they used Funraise's app.”

  • $78k raised onsite
  • 156% of the goal for this event
  • 150% increase in average amount over previous years
Four young smiling women stand in front of a screen displaying a fundraising progress bar that is three-quarters of the way to their goal. Each woman is holding a tablet device and a funraise reader device for accepting donations.

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

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