Website donation forms

Collect donations online

Build branded donation experiences on your website with pop-up donation forms and donation landing pages.

Power up with custom embedded pop-up donation forms and donation buttons on your website.
Build donation landing pages for easy email campaigns or social donation links.
Increase revenue by automating the company match process during your donation flow.
Leverage AI to increase donation conversion rates with personalized ask amounts and appeal text.
Monthly giving programs

Establish predictable, consistent donation growth

You love predictable revenue. Your donors love giving more without busting their budgets. Look no further for recurring tools you'll love.

Build and sustain monthly giving programs with game-changing retention tools.
Empower donors to access and manage their donations with a mobile app.
Reduce churn by automatically updating recurring donors' payment methods.
Campaign Sites

Build fantastic, fresh fundraising websites

Rally supporters and fund program goals with impressive campaign websites. Add bells and whistles with the easiest site editor around.

Build brilliantly branded crowdfunding sites with goal progress bars and donor feeds.
Start with a professionally designed fundraising page template built by our team.
Thank donors and encourage potential donors with direct text engagement.
Peer-to-peer fundraising

Make it easy for fundraisers to raise more and spread the word

Fundraisers can quickly create personalized peer-to-peer fundraising pages that increase revenue and engagement through easy social integrations.

Empower supporters to create personal fundraising pages that increase your reach and revenue.
Build brilliantly branded crowdfunding sites wtih goal progress bars and donor feeds.
Celebrate each fundraiser’s progress with personalized automated progress emails.
Set a fundraising goal for your P2P fundraisers. Charge their payment method  if they don't reach the commitment goal.
Sync Facebook with Funraise for a multi-channel, revenue-boosting approach to social fundraising.
Fundraising events & tickets

Easily run elevated events

Whether in person, online, or hybrid, plan and run your event with an end-to-end nonprofit event ticketing solution.

Sell tickets, manage registrations, and collect donations at your event.
Pump up your livestream and encourage donations with essential fundraising tools for your next virtual event.
Scan a guest’s ticket whether it’s been printed as a physical ticket or presented on a mobile device.
Thank donors and encourage potential donors with direct text engagement.
Data & Reporting

Make data-based decisions

Build custom reports and data dashboards to reveal the big picture.

Build custom reports and start with industry-standard donation report templates.
Manage, assign, tag, and segment donor records for incredibly user-friendly donor management.
Manage donation records, resend donation receipts, and track donation segments.
Manage the details of each recurring donation subscription and update payment methods.

Cut out busywork with automations

Automate tasks, emails, and fundraising processes to keep your fundraisers and team on track.

Automatically send customizable emails to donors and fundraisers based on their activity.
Assign follow-up tasks to yourself or team members based on donation activity.
Receive and manage task notifications on the go with Funraise’s mobile app.
Automate the company matching process during the donation flow.

Power up and connect your favorite tools

Integrate your nonprofit's essentials and fundraising tools to make a perfectly personalized custom campaign and management suite.
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