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Online Donation Forms for Nonprofits

Transform your website into a fundraising experience with customizable online donation forms for nonprofits.

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Example of a popup nonprofit donation form with custom logo and color.

Key features of online donation forms

Providing an exceptional giving experience starts with exceptionally innovative online donation forms.

Conversion rate matters. Each visitor to your website has a cost. Increase conversion with a feature-packed donation form.

Embeddable donation forms

Funraise's embeddable forms allow you to quickly create donation forms that are easy to add to your organization's website so your nonprofit can collect donations directly on your website.
    Nonprofit donation form and donation button illustration, donation form and button being added to an example nonprofit website.

    Customizable online donation forms for nonprofits

    Match your organization's brand strategy by adding custom questions, offering recurring frequencies, setting payment options, and incorporating your branding with Funraise's online donation forms for nonprofits.
      Illustration of nonprofit donation form customization, example donation form being configured with custom amount buttons, recurring giving options, and brand color.

      Personalized ask amounts with machine learning

      Provide an individualized giving experience and increase donation form conversion rates with signals like time of day, device type, and giving history.
        Example of personalized donation amount buttons on a nonprofit donation form, donation amounts are powered by machine learning based on donor data.

        Smart recurring donation suggestions

        Increase recurring donations with automated recurring opportunities right in the donation flow.
          Monthly giving program automated upgrade on a nonprofit donation form, donation form automatically asks donor to become a monthly donor.

          Modern payment methods to match every donor

          Make it easy for donors to donate with their preferred payment methods, including Apple Pay, Venmo, or even stock donations.
            Various payment method options on a donation form for nonprofit organizations, donation payment options include Card, Check, Stock, Venmo, PayPal, Apply Pay and Bit Pay.

            Abandoned donations, recaptured

            Encourage website visitors to complete their donation with a one-click pop-up at the bottom of your website.
              Illustration of an abandoned donation popup on a nonprofit donation page.

              Pleasantly powerful. Surprisingly simple donation forms for nonprofit organizations.

              Embedded Donation Forms
              Easily add donation forms to your organization's website so your nonprofit can collect donations directly on your website.
              Popup Donation Forms
              Funraise’s donation popup forms provide an exceptional donation experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
              Machine Learning
              Use machine learning to increase conversion rates by displaying personalized ask amounts for your donors.
              Recurring Upgrades
              Increase recurring donations with an automated recurring upgrade suggestion in the donation flow.
              More Payment Options
              Encourage donors to use their preferred payment method in the fundraiser forms. Donation forms can collect credit card, PayPal, eCheck, and even Bitcoin donations.
              SSL Secured Donations
              All donations are transacted through the most secure connection out there, so your donors can give with confidence. SSL or 'Secure Socket Layer' is the gold standard in digital information security, used by banks and online payment tools, as well as our website donation forms.
              Company Matching
              Encourage your donors to take advantage of their employer's matching donations. Through integrations, your donors can easily look up their employer and request a company donation match all on your donation form.
              UTM Tracking
              Capture UTM parameters with donations to track source data. Make sense of your online traffic and ad spend ROI.
              Donation Dedications
              Allow donors to dedicate their donation to a loved one and automatically share their dedication via an email triggered by the donation form.