Donation Forms

Transform your website into a fundraising experience with customizable online donation forms.

Three donation forms laid on top of one another. Yellow, blue, and green.

Embed Your Donation Form

Collect donations directly on your website.

Donation forms that are easy to embed on your organization's website.

Giving form with a yellow button on the fundraising site of a fictional animal rescue nonprofit. There's an adorable puppy on the site.
Side-by-side editor and live version of a donation form, the way it shows in Funraise.
Customize with a form builder

Match your organization's brand strategy.

Add custom questions, offer recurring frequencies, set payment options, and incorporate your branding.

Optimize your mobile donations

Donate from your phone, tablet, and laptop.

Automatically-optimized donation forms respond to mobile devices with no extra work needed from you.

Mobile donation form with a yellow button, shown on a smartphone. All next to an animal fundraising site with a sweet puppy on it!
Transactions section of Funraise, showing all the ways you can filter transactions.
Manage every donation

Work smarter; not harder.

Track and edit every donation, no matter the payment method, with a smart donation management tool.

Email donation receipts

Automatically send customized donation receipts.

Coordinate donation receipts with your organization's branding and tone.

Donation receipt with black text on a white background and yellow logo in the top left corner

Pleasantly powerful. Surprisingly simple.

Donation Dedications
Allow donors to dedicate their donation to a loved one and automatically share their dedication via email.
More Payment Options
Encourage donors to use their preferred payment method. Donation forms can collect credit card, PayPal, eCheck, and even Bitcoin donations.
Operations Tip
Ask donors to add a percentage to their donation to cover your fees. Turn this feature on or off with a click.
SSL Secured Donations
All donations are transacted through the most secure connection out there, so your donors can give with confidence. SSL or 'Secure Socket Layer' is the gold standard in digital information security, used by banks and online payment tools.
Company Matching
Encourage your donors to take advantage of their employer's matching donations. Through integrations, your donors can easily look up their employer and request a company donation match all on your donation form.
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