How to Customize a Giving Tuesday Campaign Site for Maximum Giving Day Success

August 5, 2021
4 minutes

There's one thing that sometimes goes unattended as we prepare for a big giving day—the giving experience itself. We think that our normal donation page is fine and that donors will be so hyped to give that they won't mind clicking through a half-dozen pages and jumping through the hoops we set up for security, data collection, and just for fun.

But setting up a custom fundraising website for Giving Tuesday could mean the difference between getting halfway to your fundraising goals and doubling your donations.

If you want an amazing fundraising campaign site, just take a look at Funraise's customizable fundraising website templates—we're here to make the process easier, not more difficult! But as you build your own Giving Tuesday campaign website (whether you're using Funraise or not), keep these tidbits in mind.

Stay on brand.

We can't say it enough. Just because this is a standalone site doesn't mean it won't benefit from your normal branding. Being consistent here will give supporters confidence that this is a legitimate campaign.  

Make it visual!

Add images and video. As much as we love words, our eyes need a break sometimes. Make sure your template has something to refresh the eyes or use some of the images in the toolkit at

Measure your success.

It's a key part of any project, so add it to your to-do list. Track metrics on Google Analytics, your website hosting platform, and any other connected tools, like a marketing platform.

Make it easy to donate.

If you haven't discovered the amazingness of pop up donation forms, drop what you're doing and read up now. Keep the data collection to a minimum and offer multiple payment options.

Create additional content—and gate it.

You're going to get visitors who don't donate. Ok... but offering something extra in return for their email address will allow you to follow up for potential future donations.

Make your site easily shareable.

That means create a link that's easy to copy, add sharing buttons on your site, and ensure that your images and meta descriptions translate easily to popular social platforms.

Make sure it's mobile!

50% of your nonprofit's website visitors come from mobile devices. Don't stand in their way with a site that's not mobile optimized!

There is nothing more crucial to your donors' giving experience than letting them feel like they know what's happening. None of it should feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or out of their hands. That goes for everything from where they discover your site to the content you showcase, to the donating process itself, all the way through the payment confirmation. Keeping them in the driver's seat will result in returning, recurring, reinvigorated donors.

Dive into an ocean of resources to make this Giving Tuesday the best yet.

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