15 Nonprofit Power Ups to Get a 50% Conversion Rate on Your Donation Forms

June 5, 2023
5 minutes

Extra, extra, read all about it! Have you heard the big news? Website visitors who interact with a Funraise donation form complete a donation an incredible 50% of the time. That’s one out of two visitors, two out of four visitors, or 50 out of 100 visitors. Yep, we can do the math.

So, how can you, too, get that 50% conversion rate for your donation forms and win the game of fundraising? Today, we’re spilling the tea on Funraise’s Power Ups: small tools, tweaks, and tricks that lead to such a high conversion rate for our customer organizations.

Fundraiser Power Ups

Ok, the name “Power Ups” isn’t exactly official, but it’s what we’re calling these fun and exciting fundraising magic tricks—hey, us writers gotta have fun sometimes.

1. Card-updater genie

We all love our sweet ‘n’ reliable monthly donors, but 20% of recurring revenue is lost unintentionally. Cards expire, and when your donors get new cards, updating their donation information usually isn’t at the top of their to-do list, leaving you with one less dedicated donor. But our card-updater genie uses a dash of magic and a sprinkle of technology to reduce recurring revenue loss. It automatically updates donors’ payment information as soon as their bank issues a new card, maintaining those beloved monthly donations.

2. Automated retention emails

Another way to ensure your donors keep donating? Sending a few gentle reminders when their card is approaching its expiration date (and then a few emails with a lot of exclamation points once the card’s actually expired). With Funraise, you can craft a series of automated email reminders, starting 60 days out from card expiration, with regular follow-ups afterward.

3. Mobile optimization

97% of Americans now own some kind of mobile device, so you want to make your mobile donation process as flawless as your desktop one (Pew Research). With Funraise, you’ll convert more donors—the smooth-as-silk mobile experience allows anyone to give any time, anywhere.

4. Donor portal

Your donors lead busy lives, but with Funraise’s donor portal, they won’t have to waste valuable minutes clicking from one site to another. Donors can download their very own giving app to view and manage their generosity in one convenient place. In addition to viewing all their donations to your organization, they can manage their recurring donation subscriptions, resend donation receipts to themselves, and email themselves their yearly donation summary in one click. As we always say, the easier the donation experience, the higher your conversion rate. (Well, it’s one of the things we always say.)

5. Various payment methods

Donors, like everyone else, want convenience. So, one of the best ways to increase conversions is to offer a variety of payment methods to suit every preference. Funraise makes it easy for donors to donate however they want, whether it’s using Apple Pay, Venmo, credit card, stock, or crypto.

6. P2P push notifications

Through Funraise’s trusty app, you can give P2P fundraisers the ability to manage, share, and receive push notifications, so they can encourage their network to give more, give now, and give often.

7. AppealAI

AI is suddenly everywhere, and with Funraise, you can take advantage of our robot colleagues right away with personalized appeals and ask amounts that increase conversions. With a hand from ChatGPT, Funraise helps you generate persuasive, specific appeal text within our platform so that you can focus on bigger things. (Oh yeah, and AppealAI is for all—for free!)

8. Payment method magic links

Despite Funraise’s plethora of Power Ups to retain recurring donors, they occasionally lapse. But never fear—magic links are here! If a recurring donor lapses, you can choose to send them a secure magic link that will prompt them to update their information without the rigamarole of logging in to a portal. Once the donor updates their information, Funraise automatically attempts to charge their new card for the most recent failed recurring gift. Yep, we’ve got your back!

9. Recurring upgrades

Monthly donors are one of our favorite donor flavors (in a cute way, not a cannibal way), and you can get more of them with our recurring upgrades Power Up. It suggests a monthly donation option to one-time donors giving less than $100. You can add this feature to any giving form with a click.

10. Personalized ask strings with machine learning

When you want to increase donation form conversions, a customized experience is the way to go. Funraise's machine learning model can provide individualized, relevant donation button amounts based on how a donor has interacted with your organization in the past as well as factors like time of day and device type.

11. Abandoned donation notification

We usually have about 52 tabs open at any given time, so we know how easy it is to forget about a donation halfway through. With our abandoned donation notifications, would-be donors get a friendly pop-up when they hop over to a different page on your site, gently nudging them to complete their gift and then dropping them right back where they left off on your donation form. Additionally, this Power Up can remember a donor's info the next time they visit your site and provide a one-click option to re-enter the donation flow.

12. In-person payment collection

Don’t you hate when someone wants to donate but you don’t have a credit card reader on you? With our mobile app, you’ll never miss a payment. Collect payments anywhere, right away, knowing that every donation instantly syncs with your Funraise account.

13. Text Engagement

In case you haven’t heard, people just love to text these days. In fact, SMS messages have a 98% open rate, while email click-and-open rates are just 18% (Twilio). More opens means more conversions, and with Funraise, you’ll have all the tools you need to optimize text engagement. That means branded text messages, custom text-to-give codes, and personalized automated replies.

14. Contextual giving experience

When donors are in the moment, reading a success story that truly inspires, you don’t want to pop their bubble by moving them over to a donation form that offers a totally different experience. With Funraise’s embedded forms, you can embed custom donation forms into your website wherever you want, ensuring you meet every donor where they are.

15. Multi-step donation forms

If you're invested in accessibility, mobility, and transparency, try multi-step forms—donation forms that direct donors to answer several sets of questions one at a time, clicking from one to the next. There are many reasons to use multi-step forms, but the main one is that forms with multiple steps lead to higher conversion rates.

Whew! That was a long list, and those are just some of the Power Ups that allow organizations using Funraise to achieve a 50% conversion rate on their donation forms. Every day, we’re working hard to bring you the best service and most innovative technology to ensure a seamless donation experience that compels and converts.

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