AppealAI: AI for Nonprofit Fundraising

Leverage AI to increase donation conversion rates with personalized ask amounts and compelling fundraising appeal text.
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AI tools for nonprofits

Access AI's powerful technology advances like ChatGPT directly in Funraise's platform to increase donation conversion rates and maximize fundraising efficiency.

Personalize the giving experience

Tailor your ask amounts to increase donation form conversion with machine learning and signals like time of day, device type, giving history, and more.

    Generate compelling P2P fundraiser appeal text

    Clear the path for your biggest supporters. Generate campaign-specific peer-to-peer appeal text by leveraging ChatGPT directly within Funraise's platform.

      Bots for good detect and reduce fraud

      Funraise uses AI to predict fraudulent charges and identify fraud bots, meaning your donation forms block fraudsters automatically.

        More ways to use AI in nonprofit fundraising

        As machine learning and Large Language Models that power ChatGPT advance, Funraise is committed to implementing new opportunities for nonprofit fundraising efficiency and performance inside our platform.
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