Funraise unveils new donor portal mobile app: Giving by Funraise

May 5, 2021
3 minutes
Justin is Funraise's CEO, a co-founder, and a bad-ass, experienced nonprofit fundraiser. Like a true fundraiser-turned-founder, he breaks down the concepts behind Funraise's mission everywhere he can make nonprofits' voices heard.

A few years ago, I would have said, "Mobile is the future of fundraising" ...but to say that now would be stating the obvious.

Over 50% of your nonprofit's web traffic comes from mobile.

Think about how your donors use their phones:

  • They use phones for banking (deposits), investing (Robinhood), and many other financial services.
  • They use phones for checking in for flights, movies, concerts, and other event-type gatherings.
  • They use phones for work. Emails, calls, texts, document signing, and so many other work activities are being done on mobile every day.

Now, with Giving by Funraise, they can use their phones to manage their donations, review and resend their receipts, and—with one click—email themselves their yearly donation summary for taxes.

Here's the best part...

This is just the very beginning of what donors can do. Soon, a donor portal will become the easiest channel for them to stay engaged with you.

Get in now and give your donors the convenience they've come to expect—FREE.

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