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Drive-In Movie

This is a great one for sticking to social distancing! Choose a movie that resonates with your cause or donor base or just choose a classic and then show your nonprofit's storytelling video in place of previews. The best part is that you can sell concessions at the drive-in to make more money for your nonprofit's fundraiser!

Drive-In Movie Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

So why should you be concerned about the pandemic nonprofit fundraising ideas? Since the quality of your covid nonprofit fundraising software and donor management platform is only as good as your donors' pandemic engagement! Using modern nonprofit fundraising ideas provides unique and creative ways for your donors to support your mission through covid. Some of the best nonprofit fundraising ideas to make it through the pandemic are elementary and straightforward to accomplish while others entail significant planning or effort. Your nonprofit organization will certainly want to get through the covid pandemic and then pick a few fundraising ideas for every nonprofit fundraising campaign and figure out how each fundraising idea impacts the amount you raise from each fundraising campaign.