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Ahhhh, good ol’ crowdfunding. People can say what they want, but it gets the job done if it’s done right. Just do the dang thing, but make sure to tell your story with an emphasis on impact, and get the word out!

Crowdfunding Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

The quality of your nonprofit software and donor management platform is only as good as your donors' engagement! Learn more about the most creative fundraising ideas for 2020. Using modern fundraising ideas provides creative and unique ways for your donors to support your nonprofit. Whether or not you're looking to increase donations, grow your monthly giving program, or find the next viral fundraising idea—it's all about trial and error. Choose your top 6 fundraising ideas or 1 nonprofit fundraising ideas and try them out throughout your nonprofit fundraising events. Some of the top fundraising ideas are elementary and easy to accomplish while others involve significant planning or effort. Your nonprofit Org will want to choose a couple of fundraising ideas for every fundraising campaign and understand how each fundraising idea impacts the donation amount you raise from each fundraising campaign. If you ever use one of these fundraising tips and it increases your donations, let us know! We want to learn what fundraising ideas work best in 2K20! Happy fundraising!