The Secret to Transforming Ordinary Days into Inspiring Donation Days

August 27, 2018
5 minutes

Finding reasons to connect with donors can be downright taxing. The messaging around your organization’s ongoing mission and needs can start to sound so overplayed that donors inadvertently tune you out. Is there a secret way to transform ordinary days into inspiring donation days? 

The world is wide and the interests of people vast, so on any given day, it's some sort of holiday (be it official or unofficial). Use these offbeat and fun holidays as conversation starters on social media to inspire donations.


Make a campaign page on your site that corresponds with the holidays below. With Funraise's easy, breezy fundraising website builder, you can direct Harry Potter fans to a birthday donation page on Hermione's special day or reward donors with adorable cat pictures on a fundraising page inspired by Global Cat Day.

Happy Holidays!

Gray image of falling leaves and the word September in the middle in yellow

International Day of Charity - September 5

This cause-oriented holiday is a no-brainer. Established in 2013, the United Nations created the holiday to honor the death anniversary of Mother Teresa, one of the most well-known humanitarians and philanthropists in history. Acknowledge the spirit of the holiday and use official hashtag, #CharityDay, to reach a broader audience.

Sample Social Media Copy: Feeling the weight of a world in need this #CharityDay? Just remember Mother Teresa’s simple call to action, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Give a one-time gift to (Organization Name) today!

Hermione Granger’s Birthday (Harry Potter Series) - September 19

Hermione Granger, from the hugely popular Harry Potter series, was a social advocate who created her own grassroots campaign for the rights of House Elves called S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare). Wishing her happy birthday is one way to contribute to a global trending topic and gain awareness with an entirely new audience.

Sample Social Media Copy: Happy Birthday, #Hermione Granger! We’ve always been inspired by Hermione’s heart for social justice and the impact one person can have on those in need. While you can’t donate to S.P.E.W. today, giving to (Organization Name) would certainly honor her legacy. #HBDHermioneGranger #HarryPotter #SPEW

International Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19

It may have started with a couple of friends goofing around during a rigorous game of racquetball, but Talk Like A Pirate Day picked up speed once syndicated columnist Dave Barry got wind of it. The point of the day may be to talk in pirate speak, but embracing the silly and “loot”-filled premise is an easy way to tie in your organization’s cause. Translate anything into pirate-ese.

Sample Social Media Copy: They say th' only way t' prove ye`re nay a seafarin' pirate be t' give away some o' yer loot. Give some o’ yer treasure t' our cause an' avoid walkin' th' plank. #TalkLikeAPirateDay

World Tourism Day - September 27

The United Nations started the holiday in 1980 to remind the world of the global economy and global community that occurs when we travel. Bring attention to your cause by pointing out how your organization fits into the global community, and use hashtag #WorldTourismDay.

Sample Social Media Copy: #WorldTourismDay reminds us there’s a wide world out there, but we’re all connected. Even if you’re not jettin’ somewhere new, your gift to (Organization) shows you’re thinking about the global community today.

Gray image of a jack-o-lantern with the word October in yellow in the middle of the image

World Smile Day - October 5

This holiday began in 1999 in recognition of Harvey Ball, the man who invented the smiley face in the ‘60s. It’s the first Friday of every October and is meant to inspire people to perform acts of kindness and “improve the world, one smile at a time.”

Sample Social Media Copy: Happy #WorldSmileDay! Transforming your donations into the power to change the world puts a smile on our face. Visit (website) to partner with us. Even the smallest gift helps.

Treat Yo’ Self Day (Parks And Recreation TV Show) - October 13

NBC’s Parks and Recreation TV show features several episodes focused on a made-up day that characters Donna Meagle (Retta) and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) created as an annual excuse to splurge and pamper themselves. It’s a day of lavish eating, spa luxuriating, and binge shopping. The show has a cult following, but even those who don’t watch can appreciate the message of self-love.

Sample Social Media Copy: We can’t express how much we appreciate and love our donors. In the spirit of #TreatYoSelf Day, make like Tom and Donna and love on YOU today too!

Global Cat Day - October 16

First started by the Alley Cats Allies to bring awareness to the needs and rights of outdoor cats, Global Cat Day is the purrrfect opportunity to tap into the universal language of animal love and appeal to a broader audience. For off-the-wall topics, don’t try to draw a connection to your organization, but instead, show that your org has heart for more than just its mission statement.

Sample Social Media Copy: #GlobalCatDay is the purrrfect day to appreciate the simple joys of life, which includes our fur babies. Make like a cat today and spread the warmth!

World Internet Day - October 29

This day is a celebration of the anniversary of the first Internet transmission sent in 1969 between Leonard Kleinrock at UCLA and Charley Kline and Bill Duvall at Stanford. Kleinrock intended to send the word “login” and the “l” and “o” made it before the computers crashed from the effort. As the impact of the Internet can’t be overemphasized, it shouldn’t be hard to expound on the ways it has aided in spreading the message of your organization’s cause, not to mention in fundraising efforts.

Sample Social Media Copy: Because of the Internet, the world is that much smaller, and our responsibility to each other that much greater. At (Organization Name) we’re grateful this #WorldInternetDay for those who’ve helped spread word of our cause, organized for change, and given digital donations.

National Checklist Day - October 30

There’s a genuine and universal satisfaction that comes from making a to-do list and checking it off. Even the most unorganized of us can appreciate this technique for feeling accomplished. It might sound a bit silly to celebrate a work tactic, but when you’d like your donors to add "donate to my favorite charity!" to their to-do list, it makes plenty of sense to celebrate.

Sample Social Media Copy: Is anything more satisfying than checking off a to-do list? If giving to (Organization Name) is on your to-do list this #CheckListDay, we’ve made it easier than ever to donate. You're just a few clicks away from giving.

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