Social Fundraising

Empower your supporters to fundraise on their favorite social platforms.

What is social fundraising?

Social fundraising empowers your supporters to fundraise online for you. Digital natives are moved to give because a friend, family member, or respected online presence asked for their support, resulting in a new wave of online activism: social fundraising.

An illustration of peer-to-peer and social fundraising, with one supporter in the center connected to many others

New fundraising technologies have modernized the donation experience by threading together a variety of digital spaces, stitching social media with your fundraising platform and bank account for a seamless, secure fundraising model.

Exceptional Donor Experience

Create beautiful and engaging nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising sites that encourage your supporters to set goals and fundraise on your behalf.

Screenshot showing a 3x3 grid of social fundraisers, each box featuring a profile headshot, a donation progress bar, and a blue donation button. All on a blue background.
Two screenshots, one of a Facebook fundraiser and the other of a peer-to-peer fundraiser page. They are overlapping and have arrows going back and forth.

Smarter Social Sharing

Your seamless Facebook integration. Increase your peer-to-peer fundraisers’ reach—and campaign revenue—by connecting their Facebook Fundraisers to Funraise. Automatically sync all Facebook donation and donor data with Funraise to save manual effort and understand the performance of overall Facebook fundraising as well as individual campaigns.

Funraise + Facebook + Instagram

Sync Instagram donation data. With Funraise's Facebook Integration, you can raise money directly on Instagram and sync Instagram's various donation methods with your CRM:

  • Instagram Live Donation Button with real-time
    donor engagement
  • Customizable Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories
  • Instagram's Business Account Donate Button
Three phones show the most common native Instagram donation features for nonprofits
Screenshot of a livestreamer and an overlaid giving form. The livestreamer is a white female with wavy brown hair. She's smiling.

Engage the next generation

Embed your livestream video onto a Funraise campaign site for a completely branded digital event experience. Using Funraise's integrations for Twitch and Streamlabs, broadcasters can add progress bars, donor feeds, and real-time donation alerts to their streaming events.

Improve nonprofit fundraising activity

Peer-to-peer and traditional donation dashboards show you where to double down your fundraising efforts and when to tweak your tactics.

Target the right audience

Who gave when? Who hasn't given—yet? Identify gaps in donor support and take advantage of opportunities to ask.

Time your donation asks

Did you know that people give more after eating meals? It's true. Learn the best time to approach your audience with a donation ask.

Social fundraising objections
... and how to overcome them

“I don't have a big social following”

Start with a proven platform, like Facebook or YouTube, and reach out to your current donor base to get them on board. Once you get it started, it'll be easier to keep the momentum going.

“Our team doesn't have the capacity”

Social fundraising works best when it's supporter-led. Many of your supporters already know how to maximize engagement on social platforms; by letting your fundraisers forge ahead, your movement can truly scale.

“Social fundraising revenue is hard to sustain”

Funraise has integrations with social platforms that help centralize donation and donor information. You can report on donations from synced Facebook Fundraisers, for example.

Fundraising Intelligence

Nonprofit Fundraising Dashboards & Reports

Reveal intelligent insights into nonprofit sustainability and growth. Make smart fundraising decisions with smart fundraising data.
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AI Fundraising Intelligence

Experience a new era in fundraising reporting. Today's data reveals both past and future.

AI  Forecasting
Forecast donation revenue and new donor activity using AI models powered by your past performance.
AI Explanations
Understand the logic supporting your data and unearth new strategies with AI data explanations.
Data Alerts
Receive automatic email or Slack alerts for revenue thresholds and performance anomaly detections.
Report Templates
Stop building the same reports over and over! Save time and do more with ready-made reports built by fundraising experts.
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    Nonprofit Data Dashboards

    Visualize donor and donation trends at a glance

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      AI Trend Forecasting

      Predict the future with forecasts powered by AI

      Forecast donation revenue and donor activity with AI models informed by past performance.
        Nonprofit Report Library

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          Custom Nonprofit Reports

          Reporting without limits

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            AI Explanations

            Let AI explain key points in your fundraising

            What's The Why underneath your data? Uncover unexpected patterns contributing to growth or decline in your fundraising performance.
              Nonprofit Reporting Features

              AI that delivers everything from pre-built fundraising reports to donation trend forecasting

              Scheduled reports
              Send pre-scheduled PDF reports to your board via email or set up automatic reporting for your team.
              AI explanations
              Forecast donation revenue and new donor activity with AI models powered by your past performance.
              Custom formulas
              Build custom formulas to support highly specific and strategic reports without having to export any data.
              Conditional formatting
              Increase legibility of reports and highlight important details with custom conditional formatting.
              Manage permissions
              Keep data secure by controlling access to and editing permissions for each report.
              Cross-object reporting
              Create complex cross-object reports that balance donors, donations, fundraising pages, registrations, and more.
              Export to CSV & PDF
              Turn any dashboard into a beautifully-formatted, exportable donation report PDF to share with your team or use in presentations.
              Robust report library
              Save time and step up your reporting game by using ready-made reports built by fundraising experts.
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