Tech the Halls: How to Use Technology to Thank Your Donors

December 21, 2018
4 minutes

If you’re anything like us, the end of the year has crept up on you like spiked eggnog at an office holiday party. Between holiday shopping, bingeing on Hallmark holiday movies, wrapping up your year-end donor appeal, and putting the finishing touches on your nonprofit’s yearly fundraising strategy, you’re probably wondering how you’ll make time to thank your donors in a meaningful way. Are we right?

We've put together a few quick and easy suggestions for nonprofits to use technology tools to help get their year-end donor thank-you's out the door. However, please remember that this isn't meant to take the place of your regular donor acknowledgments, but simply to serve as a way to demonstrate the impact your donor's gift has had on your organization in a quick, but meaningful way.

Say thanks with a campaign update

Thanking donors in a way that shows the lasting impact of their gifts is one of the keys to donor retention and can serve as a great pathway to cultivating a recurring donor pool. Not to mention, it's pretty rad to acknowledge folks who really care about all the awesome stuff you're doing.

Comb through your nonprofit CRM and find your highest-performing campaign or impact story. Send out a follow up with an update on how the campaign is doing and its impact, and how the donor can keep the ball rolling. Letting donors know that their donation is having an impact is a great way to say thank you and express that their support is still needed.

Personalized donor emails

It's no surprise that email marketing is pretty indispensable to nonprofits these days, but oftentimes the bells and whistles of email marketing platforms go underutilized—especially personalization and segmentation. According to Statista, open rates for emails with a personalized message is 18.8%. Compare that to 13.1% for emails without any personalization! Nonprofits can reap the benefits of email personalization by doing something as simple as addressing your donors by name in your emails to them.

But wait! Up the engagement motivation even more by emailing donors to tell them how their donation specifically made a difference. Data is always a great way to quantify someone's gift—numbers paired with a compelling story create a deepened connection and inspire recurring giving. Funraise makes it easy to connect to your donors via email with our suite of integrations—including MailChimp—so you can start sending personalized emails right away.

White envelope with snowflakes pouring out on to the screen

Social media recognition

An end-of-the-year social media "thank-you" campaign can be set up in advance, plays to those donors who love public recognition, and gives your nonprofit the opportunity to both highlight the incredible work you do and take advantage of your donors' social networks. Select the donors you want to highlight (make sure you get their permission and a photo!), create an impactful hashtag like #holycowourdonorsarewow, and schedule your posts ahead of time.

Supporters website page

One of the easiest ways to thank your donors is giving them their own page on your website. Not a page for each donor, but a page dedicated to all of your supporters. Your "Our Donors Are Awesome!" page can be a simple line-listing of your donor's names or it can be a complex graphic representation of your donors with their organization's logos.

A donor recognition page can also serve as an impact page—when you connect the number of donations you received to the impact you were able to achieve as an organization, your donors are showcased as direct heroes.

The last few weeks of the year can often be a blur, but thanking your donors shouldn't add to the chaos. These easy-to-implement ideas will make your year-end a breeze and leave time for all the other important things.

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