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Donor Stewardship Ideas for International Women's Day

January 25, 2021
6 minutes

International Women’s Day, March 8th, is a day to celebrate the fact that female donors are #FundingAwesome.

Not only are women more likely to donate, but they also tend to give at higher rates than men and are more likely to be involved with organizations beyond giving. Even more impressive, women control approximately 51% of wealth in the U.S.

Soooo, what better way to recognize women’s philanthropy than with great stewardship?!

No matter the size of the gift, International Women’s Day is a wonderful way to say thank you to women who donate to your cause. Here are a few stewardship ideas you can try out this year.

Profile Women Donors on Social

Dedicate your social content on and around March 8th to profiling women donors. By sharing their stories and impact, you can show your appreciation. Plan to reach out to donors you’d like to profile a few weeks ahead of time. You could interview them by phone or ask them to fill out a short questionnaire to get the information you’ll need to write a short profile.

Create and Send a Special Card

International Women’s Day cards aren’t exactly common (yet) but that doesn’t have to stop your organization from sending women donors a card. Your nonprofit could design a special International Women’s Day card that incorporates your branding. Add in a handwritten thank you note and you’re sure to have a touchpoint that will surprise and delight donors.

Share Women’s Impact

Women’s philanthropy is definitely a cause for celebration. If your nonprofit wants to broadly acknowledge women’s philanthropy to your organization, you could pull the total amount donated by women or even the total number of women donors. Share stories and talk about the impact this group has had on your organization.

The Jewish Federation of Great Vancouver used their annual event to highlight women’s philanthropy. They shared the story of the event on their website and included a link to a Facebook album to give social followers an inside look.

Host a Donor Appreciation Event

If your nonprofit wants to go above and beyond, consider using March 8th to host a donor appreciation event for women donors. This could be a casual cocktail hour or an event with more programming. If you have women on your board of directors, consider engaging them to help with the planning and hosting.

Launch a Women’s Giving Circle

Giving circles are a popular trend in philanthropy and create excellent opportunities for donor recognition. If your organization has considered starting a women’s giving circle, International Women’s Day could be the perfect time to launch it publicly. You could use the day to recognize founding members and their impact.

Looking for examples of women’s giving circles? Here are a few to check out.

Women’s philanthropy is transformational for so many nonprofits. Ongoing stewardship, recognition, and engagement will help your organization build relationships that last a lifetime. May this International Women’s Day bring your organization many reasons to celebrate.

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