15 Spring Fundraising Ideas (with downloadable Calendar!) for 2021

March 11, 2021
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Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to get back into the swing of fundraising! Maybe you took a bit of a break during the first few months of the year. After all, we need to catch our breath after all the year-end fundraising madness! Now you’re feeling refreshed and ready to nurture some unique fundraising ideas for your nonprofit.

To help you dive into Spring fundraising, we’ve put together this list of easy fundraising ideas for nonprofits. Get inspired, get creative, and get ready to raise some money! And if you think this list is helpful, check out the (colorful, festive, spirited) downloadable Spring fundraising calendar PDF we made to celebrate our favorite season!

Spring Fundraising Ideas for 2021

Employee Appreciation Day (March 5)

Nonprofit staff could always use a little more love! Employee Appreciation Day is a creative fundraising opportunity to highlight the hard work your staff does each and every day. Turn the email or social spotlight on your team today and ask supporters to donate to keep making their work possible.

Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser (Date varies each year)

Easter Egg hunts are a fun childhood tradition for many families. Your nonprofit can use this opportunity to host an Easter Egg hunt fundraiser and give kids a second (or maybe a third!) opportunity to hunt for Easter eggs this year.

International Women’s Day (March 8)

Your nonprofit probably has more than a handful of reasons to celebrate women on International Women’s Day. Use this opportunity to raise money for programs that help women or ask your supporters to make a donation in honor of a woman in their lives.

Daylight Savings (Date varies each year)

Daylight Savings in the Spring means we lose an hour of sleep (womp, womp), but you can turn it into an opportunity for your nonprofit to gain a donation! Although your supporters can’t magically get back an hour of their day, you can ask them to give the gift of “time” by donating to support staff time and salaries.

Pi Day (March 14)

Get creative with your ask amount today and ask for a donation of $3.14 to celebrate Pi Day!

Spring Equinox (March 19)

The first day of the new season brings fresh energy and gets us all excited for warmer weather! Use this day to put out a call for volunteers and supporters to “spring into action” and celebrate the new season.

Spring Cleaning for Good

The Spring season often inspires people to clean out their closets and garages, and in general KonMari their lives. This year ask your supporters to donate their unwanted items to your organization for an epic garage sale hosted by your nonprofit.

National Public Health Week (Dates vary. It’s always the first full week of April.)

Created by the American Public Health Association, National Public Health Week is a great opportunity for fundraising for organizations that do work that supports health and well-being. Use this week to highlight programs that connect with the theme of the week and ask supporters to make a donation to support those programs.

April Fools Day (April 1)

Nonprofits have executed some epic April Fools Day pranks and some have parlayed their pranks into fundraising asks. This list of epic April Fools pranks is a few years old, but it includes some great examples from corporate and nonprofit brands.

Siblings Day (April 10)

Ask your supporters to make a donation in honor of their sibling. This can be an especially meaningful ask if your nonprofit works with children and families.

Earth Day (April 22)

If your organization does environmental work of any kind, Earth Day is a prime fundraising opportunity. Use the day to make a case for the importance of a particular project your nonprofit is working on. You could also host an Earth Day-themed fundraising event. Many people observe “Earth Hour,” which happens around Earth Day. This is when people turn off any non-essential lights as a demonstration of their commitment to the earth. You could choose to host your fundraising event during Earth Hour by candlelight for some extra ambiance!

Flower or Plant Fundraisers

Springtime is a great time for gardening. Your nonprofit can partner with a local nursery or plant grower for a flower or plant fundraiser. Alternatively, you could do a flower delivery fundraiser that’s timed with Easter.

Honesty Day (April 30)

The foil to April Fools Day at the beginning of April, your nonprofit can use this day to get real with supporters about what’s happening behind the scenes at your organization and make an ask to support an initiative. Or, get honest about the state of the problem your organization is working to solve. You don’t have to present it as doom and gloom, just honestly lay out the facts. Transparency is trending, after all.

National Pet Week (Dates vary. It’s always the first full week of May.)

If your organization works with animals, then you probably have a donor community full of animal lovers! National Pet Week is your time to shine and ask your supporters to make a donation in honor of their favorite furry companion.

Older Americans Month (May)

Founded by the Administration for Community Living, Older Americans Month is a time to recognize and honor the contributions and roles that older Americans play in our society. If your nonprofit works with seniors and older populations, use this awareness month as a timely fundraising opportunity.

Let’s spring into action, Fundraiser! Good luck with your Spring fundraisers!

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