4 Ways to Thank Your Nonprofit Donors on Valentine's Day

February 12, 2019
4 minutes

Solid milk chocolate heart? More like a solid heart of gold! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your donors some love and remind them just how awesome they really are. After all, your donors love your nonprofit... let’s make sure they know you love them back. Here are four ways to be sweet on donors this Valentine’s Day.

Send a handwritten note

It’s a total delight to receive heartfelt snail mail these days and even better when that snail mail includes a meaningful note. Valentine’s Day is your chance to show the love and maybe even embrace the cheesy. Your organization could custom design cards, or you could order some beautiful pre-made cards. Enlist volunteers and board members to get the cards written and in the mail.

Not sure what to write? Try this:

"Dear Donor,

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to remind you that you’re one in a million. Your generosity pulls at our heart strings and we’re so grateful that you’re part of our community."

Host a thank-a-thon

You may not want to do this on Valentine’s Day evening because #DateNight, but you could do it in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. What are we talking about? Rounding up the peeps and hosting a good ol’ fashioned Thank-A-Thon. Print off call sheets, create a great script and get volunteers, board members, and staff members to call donors with your thanks.

Show the love on social

You’ve got plenty of donors who follow your organization on social media. That means Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for some fun content; post graphics, videos, or even go live to shout out your donors.

We love this graphic from Second Harvest Food Bank

And this one from the National Wildlife Federation

Send a mission-driven gift

If you have a stewardship budget, you may want to think about sending donors a gift this Valentine’s Day. Here’s the catch—it’s gotta be mission-driven. What do we mean by that? The gift's gotta have some connection to your mission and vision. No sending random chocolates or flowers.

Let’s say your nonprofit runs community gardens. You could send donors a potted plant with a note that might read, “Our appreciation grows for you every year. Thank you for being a donor to XYZ organization.”

Or maybe your nonprofit is an animal shelter. You could make the assumption that most donors have a pet and send them a pet-friendly treat for their furry Valentine.

There're endless ways to show donors the love on Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in a little extra stewardship to remind them how awesome they really are.

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