One Tail at a Time Relies on the Automagic of Funraise

July 19, 2020
3 minutes
Pictures of dogs representing One Tail at A Time's membership levels: Chihuahua, Beagle, Labrador, and Great Dane crowd a dark blue background with light blue spatters. The dogs are adorable and they're highlighted with light blue outlining.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit, One Tail at a Time prepared for the worst. Their worst-case scenarios included pets being surrendered, donation numbers diving, or maybe even having to close their doors. But the animal-fostering nonprofit was shocked and surprised when they received 1700 applications for brand-new foster families.

This is where the automagic happened and where One Tails's 1600-donor-strong recurring program really showed its worth. Their level-based memberships provide One Tail's inner circle with unique experiences like naming a shelter dog, visiting the pets, or even tagging along on a rescue mission—for as little as $10 per month.

When the going got tough, One Tail at a Time relied on the Funraise automations and reporting they'd been using for years to guide their COVID-19 playbook: checking in with recurring donors personally, making every donor feel seen—even during a pandemic—and bringing their new foster applicants into the One Tail fold.

All with one staffer, dedicated volunteers, and the automagic of Funraise.

Check out these incredible OTAT stats:

  • 50% of One Tail at a Time's first-time donors go straight into their recurring program
  • From 2016 to 2020, One Tail at a Time increased their recurring program membership by 1000%
  • In 2020, One Tail at a Time rescued 88% more animals than in 2019

One Tail At A Time uses Funraise to power their mission efficiently.

Listen in as One Tail at a Time's Director of (Automagic) Development, Cara Schwalbach, discusses how they use Funraise reporting to provide their recurring donors with an extraordinary level of personalization, pandemic or no.

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