Virtual Event Ideas from Nonprofit Events Experts

March 17, 2020
5 minutes

Nonprofits are pivoting to virtual fundraisers at incredible rates, but there's one question that everyone's asking: "How do we bring our events online?" Read on for some virtual event ideas to get you started.

Social fundraising is a natural extension of traditional peer-to-peer—the evolution of nonprofit fundraising.

Social circles revolve online these days, especially as our communities have embraced distance, and our networks depend more than ever on the realtime, immediate response pace that our society runs at. Here are some ways to leverage social fundraising for your nonprofit's success.

Turn event registrants into micromatch donors

Your event attendees probably would have paid a for a ticket to your event, no? And they definitely, definitely would have donated. Obviously, 'cause that's the reason you had the event in the first place.

So, here's what you do: Ask them to create linked peer-to-peer and Facebook fundraisers and announce to their network that they're matching any donations made through those channels, up to the amount that they were going to donate anyway.

As your supporters sync Funraise peer-to-peer pages with Facebook Fundraisers, you'll build a multi-channel, revenue-boosting approach, increasing campaign revenue and awareness.

Here's some messaging you can encourage them to use:

"Hi friends! As you know, I'm a huge supporter of Cars for Clowns, and this year, I've committed to doing something different to help them. During their upcoming fundraising event, Jettas for Jesters, I'll match donations that are made through my Facebook fundraiser up to $200.

Cars for Clowns is a nonprofit that purchases tiny cars for clowns in need. In the current climate, the work that clowns do is more necessary than ever. Please join me in supporting Cars for Clowns and donate to Jettas for Jesters this year. Thank you!"

And a Facebook fundraiser case study to seal the deal:

Dressember raised $340,000 on Funraise-synced Facebook pages in the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday 2019.

32% of Dressember's 4805 fundraisers created a Funraise-synced Facebook fundraiser, raising $120,501 on Giving Tuesday 2019.

Invite donors in digitally

Offer paid access to supporters-only content streams, similar to the way charity:water shares monthly impact reports with members of The Spring. If you really get into it, you could even build additional levels of content for increased financial support.

Share exclusive stories

Create content to keep your supporters engaged, including videos, behind-the-scenes scoops, entertaining outtakes, strategies, impact stories, and more.

Curate relevant content

Pull interesting articles, news, and even memes from around the web. Bonus points if you work with a partner to deliver content that’s usually gated.

Give your supporters extra access

Elevate existing content that needs a boost, including updated success stories, campaigns from partner organizations, and data deep-dives.

Create a live experience through livestreamed events

Provide realtime interaction online

  • Explore paddle raises via livestream. Bring in a professional auctioneer to engage your remote audience from start to finish.
  • Auction current-events inspired packages, items that can be delivered curbside, or virtual experiences. Embrace the digital!
  • Publicly acknowledge supporters with unique recognition during your livestream.

Need a livestream integration to make all this happen?

Streamlabs enables broadcasters to host powerful peer-to-peer campaigns with configurable streaming tools.

  • Connect your peer-to-peer campaign pages as you live stream events
  • Show onscreen donation alerts when donations hit the board
  • Support multi-platform streaming for maximum audience magnification

You've got more headed in the virtual direction than you know, so pick up any of these ideas or run with your own! And let us know how it goes.

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