Register to Fundraise (RTF): Seamless Event Registration

Register to Fundraise (RTF): Your Ticket to Seamless Event Registration

July 17, 2023
5 minutes
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With most fundraising platforms, you can plan fantastic fundraising events and peerless peer-to-peer campaigns. But while separate event and P2P features can be used together to great effect, most fundraising platforms don’t integrate them in a way that ensures a 100% intuitive, 200% seamless sign-up process for event registration with fundraising pages. With Funraise’s Register to Fundraise (RTF), your next walk-a-thon will be a literal and metaphorical walk in the park.

What is Register to Fundraise?

Register to Fundraise, or RTF, is a Funraise feature also known as fundraising registration or event registration. We like to mix it up around here!

RTF provides a seamless sign-up experience for fundraising campaigns that require ticketed registration. So, when your next walk, run, race, or twerk-a-thon rolls around, you can require fundraisers to register for the event before creating a fundraising page.

Benefits of RTF

Why should RTF have you bouncing up and down on your tippy-toes? We have several reasons:

  • Easy campaign creation. Registration-based fundraising events have a lot of moving parts, but with RTF, they’re easy. You can create large-scale, multi-faceted campaigns in minutes, all explained through our walk-through campaign start wizard.
  • A smooth fundraiser experience. At Funraise, all our features are designed with nonprofits and their supporters in mind. RTF enables fundraisers to purchase tickets and create their fundraising page in one seamless flow.
  • Everything in one place. Fundraisers can create their page, purchase tickets, answer custom questions, complete fundraising commitments, and more—all in one place.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities. Our Fundraising Intelligence is already the best reporting and dashboarding feature in the nonprofitsphere. Now, it comes with new and improved in-platform reporting capabilities for anything and everything RTF-related. This includes collecting more data provided with event registrations as well as connecting data about activity on fundraising pages with registrations.

Examples of RTF

At this point, you can see why we’ve introduced RTF on Funraise, and hopefully, you’re feeling pumped. If you’re looking at all those beautiful benefits and wondering, “But what does RTF look like in action?”, here are a few examples of runs, races, and walks set up on Funraise. Sites built with the RTF feature will look just as fab, with progress bars to up the urgency, compelling layouts, customizable supporter pages, and but they’ll also offer a silky smooth process for nonprofiteers, fundraisers, and donors, where ticket purchase is a seamless part of the fundraiser sign-up and page creation flow.

Races for Faces

What we love

  • Encourages fundraisers to personalize their page and make personal connections with donors
  • Provides comprehensive resources to support fundraisers, including templates, tips, and a downloadable Races for Faces Outreach Kit
  • Leaderboard of top teams fosters friendly competition
  • Family-friendly 5k walk includes fun events, like carnival games, and additional fundraising opportunities, like a raffle

Climb for a Cure

What we love

  • Events in three different locations (plus clear directions to host your own event) spreads the fundraising love
  • Clean layout and color scheme puts the focus on the cause’s global nature
  • Each climb’s host(s) holds a different event, with unique attributes

Glow Ride 2023

What we love

  • Bright colors and bold graphics get everyone excited to participate
  • Unique theme makes the event stand out
  • Progress bar measures number of donors as well as number of lives impacted
  • Fun prizes incentivize fundraising

UNRWA USA National Committee

What we love

  • Balances a serious issue with bright, real-life images to spark hope
  • Powerful storytelling transports the reader and creates a sense of urgency
  • Cultivates community all day long with an event that includes an early breakfast, post-5k brunch, and dance party afterward
  • Doubles down on the fundraising with virtual and real-life 5ks

How to RTF

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? So, how can you get your Funraise RTF going? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Activate RTF by toggling “Require ticket purchase” on.
  2. Create an event and tickets, then add them.
  3. Select the payment methods for registration check-out.

And that’s literally all there is to it! Now, fundraisers need to purchase at least one ticket (or obtain a free ticket) before creating their fundraising page.

What makes RTF with Funraise great

In conclusion, RTF is easy to activate and seamless to use, plus it comes with new reporting capabilities. A little more about what makes RTF great before we leave you to it:

  • We did our research. In the planning and building stages, Funraise conducted research and interviews with leading organizations, including the American Heart Association, that employ event-based fundraising strategies.
  • It integrates like a dream. RTF pairs perfectly with Funraise’s Fundraising Commitments feature, which lets you set a non-negotiable fundraising goal for your P2P fundraisers. Then charge their payment method on file if they don't reach the commitment amount.
  • A streamlined flow. RTF is all about speed and ease—for each fundraiser and for you. Every fundraiser moves from one screen to the next with a click; pre-entered information is pre-filled so they’re never wasting time; and when they’re done, any fees are applied to their fundraising page as the first donation. No time wasted, no stress.
  • Easy access to all the data. Add custom questions to sign up and purchase tickets, then export and download them with ease. All that new information is clearly laid out to help you make the most of your fundraising efforts.
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