How Stop Soldier Suicide saw social fundraising success

Stop Soldier Suicide saw social fundraising success with the help of GoodUnited and Funraise

July 31, 2021
5 minutes
Three images of service members fill the right hand side of the screen. They are all looking at the screen triumphantly. Those pictures, along with the red, white, and blue logo of Stop Soldier Suicide, are laid on a dark blue tone-on-tone camo background.

Stop Soldier Suicide does exactly what their name says: they save the lives of service members who have invested everything in our liberty. This is literal work: service members and veterans face a greatly increased risk of suicide in comparison to the national average here in the U.S., and Stop Soldier Suicide has promised to close the gap that stretches between soldiers at risk for suicide and the U.S. population—by 2030.

This is a big, bold goal: Service members and veterans have a 50% higher rate of suicide than the national average here in the U.S.

But by focusing on that big, bold goal, Stop Soldier Suicide has completely flipped their perspective on fundraising and donor engagement, raising $4M and gaining 100k new donors in 2020 through Facebook fundraising alone.

Utilizing social fundraising solution GoodUnited and a wealth of social experience from Tina Starkey, Stop Soldier Suicide's Chief Growth Officer, the lifesaving nonprofit focuses on meeting donors in the digital spaces they feel most at home in.

Coming from the American Cancer Society as their Sr. Director of Social Marketing, Tina is no stranger to the digital marketing world. She notes that "Funraise doesn't treat innovation as a buzzword or a sales tactic—our partnership with Funraise gave us the push we needed to keep increasing impact, even during the pandemic."

Take a look at Stop Soldier Suicide's stats... and be prepared to be inspired!

  • The Battalion, Stop Soldier Suicide's recurring program, started at 19 subscribers in early 2020 and by July 2021 had reached 755 active subscriptions, bringing in over $16k each month.
  • With almost 200 transacting fundraisers raising an average of $437, Stop Soldier Suicide's DIY peer-to-peer program has more than doubled itself in mere months and is poised to continue that incredible growth.
  • An emerging social powerhouse, Stop Soldier Suicide raised over $2M by mid-2021 through Facebook fundraising, giving them the necessary momentum to surpass their 2020 successes with ease.

Listen to Stop Soldier Suicide's advice in their words on the Nonstop Nonprofit podcast and take a look at the actionable tips they offer as well.

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