Planning Creative spring Ideas Fundraising Event

February 26, 2016
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The smell of fresh blossoms fills the air. Leaves are turning green, and everyone is waking up from a winter's slumber.

While winter holidays still remain the most important time of year for fundraising, we shouldn't underestimate the potential of a spring fundraiser.

With longer and sunnier days, everyone's moods tend to lift at this time. All the more reason to hold a spring fundraising event. Happier moods generally mean greater giving moods.

To help in the struggle to find great ideas, here are a few of our top spring fundraising ideas:

Hold an Easter Egg Hunt

One of the major holidays of the year, Easter, brings with it many fundraisers to pick from—concerts and baskets, egg toss, or breakfast with the Easter Bunny, for example.

Whatever the event, holding an Easter Egg Hunt remains the most popular of all.

Organizing an exciting Easter Egg Hunt will require a large venue. This spring event will usually happen outdoors; local parks or school grounds are great options. Ensure the area you choose is safe for children, where they can easily be supervised.

You will need small good-quality artificial Easter eggs. Look for any deals in stores and try to get some eggs donated by explaining your mission to potential donors. Oh, and don't forget to hide them well… just not too well, of course.

Be sure to invite families and children to take part. A suggested fee per child should be about $3-$5. Also, consider using gift vouchers or movie tickets as extra incentives.

Supporting Easter Egg hunts by incorporating auxiliary fundraising ideas such as refreshments and raffles or photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny and the games are always helpful.

Confirm the date as you don't want to hold your event on the same day (or maybe weekend) as the Easter holiday. Remember, families will traditionally set this day aside to observe religious celebrations

Decorating Easter Eggs

This can be one of the most fun activities to hold at Easter. It can be almost as fun as an Easter Egg hunt or biting into chocolate bunnies. 

Organizing an Easter Egg Decorating event is easier than you think. Send out invites and promote the event well in advance. This gives the parents plenty of time to plan around the holiday schedules. It will help to include the details when promoting the event, like suggesting that parents dress their kids in clothes that may get messy.

A nice sunny day would be great. Choose a nice clean patch of grass, a public space, and put up tables for decorating. It's important for the kids to have plenty of space to grab a seat, sit down comfortably, and let their creative juices flow.

Once again, purchase or try to have your decorating supplies donated by a vendor and organize them around uncolored hard-boiled eggs. Make sure your supplies include crayons (for the really young ones), dyes, egg dippers, nests, and stickers.

If you can charge participation fees, then do so. You can also include adults at the event as another category for the event to celebrate. You can take all the decorative eggs and display them at the end of the event or at another Easter party or sell them for a donation fee to others. Try setting out jars in front of some of the eggs, and people can use spare change to vote for their favorites. 

Spring 5K Run for (your mission)

Spring air and the fresh outdoors get people excited to be on the go outside after months of being cooped up. This is an excellent time to organize a 5K Springtime race.

Begin by choosing the best route possible and location. There will be permits that will need to be obtained. Try to organize the race near where the runners and audience lives. Give thought to the scenery as well. More people will attend if you choose a flat terrain with easy grade slopes.

It would be ideal to use your nonprofit website as the point of registration for the event. Ensure registration and checkout processes are very simple for the participants and donors.

Promoting the race is next. Fliers and posters will need to be put up at key locations that you've picked out earlier. Advertising at other races will help; some will have no issues with cross-promotion. Some races may let you use inserts in their race bags or let you have a booth to advertise. You can also target wider audiences using a social media campaign and college or universities, faith organizations, and associations.

Aid and hydration stations will need to be set up as well as portable restrooms. Ensure you recruit as many volunteers as you can. Don't forget the race shirts and finish medals.

As part of fundraising, it is common to ask for a registration fee. Keep the fee lower for participants who register in advance and increase it as the event draws closer. 

It is also common to ask fellow participants to assist in fundraising for entry. Participants can have their entry fee reduced or eliminated, provided they have registered a specific number of other participants. 

As with other fundraising events, seek donor funding from potential sponsors of the event. 

Earth Day Group Cleanup

With over 140 global countries celebrating Earth Day, making the planet a bit healthier and cleaner is an excellent way to host a fundraising event. This is the perfect time of year to attract green fundraisers.

Ditching plastics (disposable and multi-use), seed sales, lights turned off are good starters. One of the more popular events, of course, involve clean-up locations for large groups. Each volunteer will have a large garbage bag, gloves to handle waste, and possibly a shovel and/or pick to perform a walk and clean-up in an area previously designated.

If possible, schedule your event on the same day as Earth Day. Gather your volunteers and ask that they canvas pledges from friends, neighbors, family, local businesses, and others within your community.

Choose your location wisely. Typical locations would be parks, riverbanks, schools, vacant lots, streams, ditches, etc.

Pledges can be anything from a set rate, per bag, kilo/pound, or trailer load of waste collected. You can also have the pledges go by square meter or road mile depending on location. If large enough, you may wish to challenge another location in the community or another community altogether. Competition between schools and teams are also good options.

It is good to have the pledge sheets available online or offline and suggest ranges for donations.

This event is great as it sends a positive message out to the community that you are a part of the bigger picture in caring for the environment.

Final Thoughts

With the warmer weather comes ample opportunity to get participation involvement to join a fundraiser you've got planned. It is natural for people to want to be active in the springtime, especially outdoors.

This is a good time of year to add novelty to a seasonal flavored fundraising event.

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