Understand Millennial Giving Trends Before You Regret It

December 12, 2017
3 minutes

By 2020, Millennials will donate over $100 billion online.

It's no surprise that millennials are one of the fastest-growing donor segments; after all, they naturally believe in a better world and are increasingly engaged in every way. Nonprofit organizations who adapt their donation practices to be simple and mobile-friendly reduce the risk of missing out on this generation's charitable giving habits.

But what's the best way to attract—and keep—a millennial's attention? The general wisdom about designing and attracting donors holds true with all cohorts: make the site's usability intuitive, with strong, concise writing and clear direction, and reward users when they complete the action you're looking for—in this case, donating. You don't need crazy gimmicks to attract millennials; a strong message and clear mission with a simple giving process is all it takes.

Over 70% of online activity in the US is on a mobile device.

Many donors come to a fundraising page via a message shared on social media, text, chat, or email. With mobile device usage sharply increasing—and predicted to rise exponentially with each generation—the need for sites to be mobile-friendly is more than critical, it can drive a nonprofit's success.

Purely descriptive image of three digital devices with Donate buttons: laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The devices are simple illustrations rendered in royal blue on a bright yellow background.
“When a potential donor can use the device they already have in hand, they're more inclined to give.”

Today's donors are likely reading pages on their phone or tablet, which means all Funraise forms and templates are optimized for every device. Whether accessing the site via laptop, tablet, or phone, the giving experience is smooth, seamless, and intuitive for all users from newb to native. When your potential donors can use the device in their hand without installing or downloading anything, they're more likely to hit that Donate button—and give more per donation.

All of this leads to a pretty clear conclusion: Funraise can help you accommodate millennials' sense of immediacy, leading you to raise more funds so your organization can worry about other things—like changing the world.

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