Do you even GIVE, Bro? #GivingTuesday

November 21, 2018
3 minutes
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Do you even GIVE, Bro?

Buy stuff. Buy more stuff. Buy online stuff. What about giving stuff? Your donors don't need more stuff. When they give to your cause, they can BE the change.

Giving Tuesday’s the day to send love, care, and support. Let's put it this way: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday pull in hundreds of billions, each year adding growth. Funraise believes when you spread the word about how rad giving is, you're playing a key role in making Giving Tuesday as much of a force as that tired ol' buying weekend.

Check these Giving Tuesday stats: 

  1. In 2017, people donated $274 million on this one day. That’s a lot of millions.
  2. Over 1000 North Korean refugees have been rescued because someone gave.
  3. Over 400,000 people in conflict were DIRECTLY assisted by giving in 2017.
  4. Giving allows 12,000 East African people to live life beyond AIDS.

Your donors want a piece of this, they just need to see the massive impact they can have. Open their eyes with a Giving Tuesday video just for them.

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