30 Top Nonprofit Social Media Accounts (and How They're Doing It!)

February 21, 2023
12 minutes

Hey there, nonprofit friend! Do you have a nonprofit with a sweet (or badass) social media presence? Hit us up to be included on this list!

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember what we did before social media. We have vague recollections of staring out foggy windows on long bus rides and building towers out of sugar packets while waiting for friends to arrive for lunch. But today, social media is a way of life, with over 4.7 billion users across the globe (Kepios). And if your nonprofit’s not going big, bold, and bright, they’re going home. That’s why we’re taking a good look at some inspirational and aspirational nonprofit social media accounts. Below, we’ve got examples for all your favorite channels (plus Twitter) as well as tips on how you, too, can become a social media superstar.


Facebook has seen its popularity ebb and flow lately, but it’s still a social media mainstay. With over 260 million users in the US (Statista), it provides ample opportunities to build your network, educate your community, and fundraise for your cause. Here are some nonprofits who are doing Bookface right.


The XPRIZE Foundation is a global organization that sponsors large-scale competitions to solve the world’s most pressing problems. To get the word out and seek creative solutions from everyone, everywhere, the XPRIZE Facebook feed features a video-oriented digital strategy that emphasizes impact and innovation.

Facebook post by XPRIZE with a screenshot of a Black woman working on the computer with a small child next to her.

Why we love it

XPRIZE’s Facebook feed is heavy on video, which includes lots of clips of actual XPRIZE teams. And guess what? They’re not all young, cisgender white dudes! Such a thrill. That diversity, coupled with frequent shout-outs to competitors, creates an inclusive and accessible social experience. Additionally, they blast their diversity of events, including competitions, webinars, and town halls/AMAs, bringing ever more folks into the XPRIZE fold.

How to do it

  • Take a good, hard look at who you’re celebrating on your social media. Make sure that historically marginalized and vulnerable groups are getting face time.  When everyone can see themselves in your feeds, everyone will feel excited to learn more about your organization.
  • Hype your events on Facebook to bring in new and diverse community members. If you don’t have a lot of events, make some! Events don’t have to be labor-intensive; in fact, they can be super chill. You can host an AMA (Ask Me Anything), bring in an expert from your staff or client base to explain the value of your work, or host an open co-working afternoon.
  • Use video to grab people’s attention. And if you’re intimidated by video, don’t be! You don’t need to be a professional videographer with a tripod and green screen to create some great clips. Simply record your events or record yourself or your staff hard at work.

Health For All

It’s no big secret that the American healthcare system is not the best, but the fantabulous Health For All provides free primary and preventative healthcare to those who can’t afford it. They have a recognizable brand and balance feel-good stories and statistics with authenticity and compassion.

Quote on Facebook. Black text on white background, with red accents: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

Why we love it

Health For All’s Facebook account is consistently on-brand and well-rounded. That’s no small feat, yet they make it look effortless. For example, they love posting relevant quotes, and each quote follows Health for All’s branding: crisp black text on a white background with red accents. They have consistent strategies, too, so users know what to expect. Fridays are for feeling good, with the aptly hashtagged #FeelGoodFridays showcasing clients who have benefitted from Health for All’s services. Finally, their feed is interspersed with impressive stats that drive home the need for their programs.

How to do it

  • Give your donors proven reasons to support you. People love (credible) data, so give your donors numbers-based reasons to keep coming through for you. If you need help, just do a little Googling. There are tons of online resources to back up the need for your nonprofit.
  • Bring on the branding! Choose a simple template with colors that pop. Then, stick to it. Consistent branding builds trust among casual browsers and devout donors alike.
  • Never underestimate the power of positivity. Your success stories will always be on trend, so feature them far and wide in your social accounts.

Dignity Freedom Network

Dignity Freedom Network's impact is far-reaching, so their social media has to reflect that interconnectedness as well.

A starry sky background. Copy reads "Climate change increases the likelihood of water-borne diseases"

Why we love it

Great carousel content takes you on a journey and keeps you interested until the end. Great carousel content looks amazing. Great carousel content teaches you something. Dignity Freedom Network has all that and more on their Facebook account.

How to do it

Choose a template or background that relates to or highlights the content you're building. If you can, create your own brand-focused templates, like Health for All, above. Start with a tempting, clickable headline or picture, and then explain it in digestible chunks, with one bit on each slide. Use a branded final image that highlights your homepage or donation page. Make sure you have your donation page link and landing page links in your bio.

Gravenhurst Against Poverty

When we think about poverty, we often only think about people being at risk for food insecurity and houselessness. In reality, it rears its head in every aspect of our lives. Gravenhurst Against Poverty brings that idea to the forefront with essential services like mental health and transportation in addition to the issues of hunger and shelter—and participating in Canada's marquee event, Coldest Night of the Year, brings it all home.

A blue background. A large white 5 in the left foreground. A Black man with a black jacket, scar, and beanie in the right foreground. Copy says "5 days to go! #cnoy23"

Why we love it

G.A.P. counted down to CNOY with a new post and enthusiastic call to action every day. They left no wiggle room for potential supporters to forget, and when CNOY was extended, they shouted it to the rooftops—and we bet they wrangled some additional donations as a result.

How to do it

This is a little different because G.A.P. didn't have to create CNOY assets. But that's the beauty of G.A.P.'s strategy: they made the most by leaning on their partners. CNOY images and social posts are branded, people-focused, and compelling—all participating orgs like G.A.P. had to do was say yes.

Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love has a clear and simple mission: to connect neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. Across borders, ages, backgrounds, and religions, everyone shows that they care through food. This universal way to make a difference makes Lasagna Love’s mission resonate around the world.

Why we love it

Lasagna Love’s Facebook account is simple and authentic, just like they are. There is no partner, volunteer, or recipient that’s too small to receive some social media love. They shout out every PR and media mention, every collaborator, and many of their members. It truly feels like one big community. Plus, everyone loves lasagna!

How to do it

Come on, nonprofiteer! You know how to do heart. You know how to do honest, authentic, and genuine. Speaking to your supporters candidly is one of your biggest strengths. Pull quotes, encourage partnerships, and snap in-the-moment photos to capture heartfelt emotions—and donations.


Facebook has been around long, long before Funraise was a twinkle in our founders’ eyes. We like to provide nonprofit resources and updates on our product on the platform, but our favorite thing is shouting out nonprofits we love.

Funraise Facebook post talking about how to replace AmazonSmile with passive income streams

Why you should follow us

Facebook is a social channel that allows you to post whatever you want: images, articles, videos, ramblings, GIFs of baby goats … the choice is yours. Our Funraise Facebook account offers all that and more, balancing practical resources, external articles, nonprofit shout-outs, and behind-the-scenes intel. The goal is to offer something for everyone. Plus, we constantly adapt our content for the changing times (and changing algorithms). Recently, that’s looked like lots more reels.

How to do it

  • Use Facebook to keep your older audiences engaged. Kids these days love to hop from social platform to new social platform to NEWER social platform, but there are a lot of established donors that like to settle in where they feel comfortable—and that’s on Facebook.
  • Dip into videos, starting … now! Just like other, more image-heavy platforms, Facebook is heading more into reel content as the overall social algorithms show increasing engagement.


Ah, Instagram, a magical land where everyone is #blessed and apparently permanently on vacation? The photo- and video-sharing social app puts the focus on visuals, making it the perfect showcase for your most persuasive photos and infographics.

Innocence Project

It’s no secret that we love the Innocence Project, which works to fight wrongful convictions and create equitable systems of justice across the country. And their powerful mission shines through in their compelling social accounts.

Innocence Project Instagram feed

Why we love it

For a people-centric organization like the Innocence Project, Instagram is an ideal medium. Their account showcases the people they’ve freed through vivid visuals and evocative captions. What’s more, almost every photo or video is paired with text in the posts themselves. It’s big, bold, and clear, so you can read it in seconds and know exactly what you’re going to get.

How to do it

  • Tell your story in many ways. Powerful images are great; compelling content is, too. But by telling your story with words and images, you’ll reach even more people and have a bigger impact.
  • Think big. Those big numbers that you’re shouting from the rooftops deserve big images and vice versa.

Wags and Walks

Animal-centric orgs have a superpower when it comes to social, and that’s their sweet furbabies’ irresistible faces. We love Wags and Walks for rescuing deserving puppers from high-kill shelters and connecting them with loving families—and we love spending time on their Instagram account, making goo-goo eyes at all their dogs, too.

The cutest Schnauzer puppy named Dorothy is looking right into the camera for her new family. She's wearing a pink collar with a rose on it.

Why we love it

Just look at those faces! Wags and Walks’ Instagram features photos that let each pup’s paw-sonality shine through. Then, their first-person (first-pupson?) captions, written from each adoptable pooch’s perspective, seal the deal.

How to do it

  • Experiment with writing with a different style or from a different perspective than usual. You never know what will resonate with your audience, so play around and see what sticks.
  • Pair your posts with a clear CTA. Wags and Walks adds a “learn more and apply to adopt” CTA to each post, so that anyone who falls in puppy love can take the next step, STAT.


Dressember fights human trafficking through fashion, with advocates around the world dressing up every day in December to raise awareness and funds. They make a grave issue into a fun challenge that anyone can participate in—all without making light of it.

Why we love it

Human trafficking is a heartbreaking, overwhelming issue, but Dressember’s Instagram account addresses it from all angles in an accessible, balanced way. To diversify their posts, they feature plenty of user-generated content, yielding a mix of snappy TikToks, advocate profiles, fashion-forward photos, and sobering stats.

How to do it

  • Turn to user-generated content (UGC) to round out your profile. It helps you broaden your network, connect with your community, and diversify your social accounts. Win win win!
  • Not sure where to start? Tap into your P2P network and ask them to film videos and post pics for you. If you don’t have a P2P network, rest assured, Funraise can help with that.
  • If you’re not seeing the UGC you want, ask for it! Start challenges to source videos from seasoned social pros. You can also consider a UGC budget and opt into a marketing platform that connects you with UGC creators.


They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words, and while we’d beg to differ (something tells us those words just need a good editor), pictures do make an impact. On Instagram, we use images to provide a snapshot of all the latest nonprofit news, tools, and stats.

wow, Funraise's IG feed looks amazeballs

Why you should follow us

Instagram is all about that pic, so our Funraise Instagram account is a mosaic of bold photos, big text, and bright colors. Because Instagram doesn’t encourage dialogue in the same way that Facebook or LinkedIn does, we make everything bite-sized and include clear CTAs. You can always find the latest toolkit and blog post on our Insta—with a side of meme, but of course.

How to do it

  • Provide imagery that will entice followers to keep checking back, whether that’s memes, reels, infographics, or images of the amazing work that you do.
  • Engagement can appear more silent on IG than on other platforms, but look out for the content that causes your audience to save or send a post, or drives them to visit your link in bio.
  • Be consistent with your brand even as you vary your content. We feature all sorts of content on IG, but you’ll always know it’s Funraise from the font and bold blue color scheme.


All sensationalist headlines and personal feelings aside (and we have a lot of those), Twitter is still an ideal medium for sharing bite-sized, easily digestible updates, facts, and other tidbits. Every day, the platform’s flooded with hundreds of millions of Tweets–but these nonprofits stand out with their microblogging prowess.

Rise Above The Disorder

Rise Above The Disorder, AKA RAD, is a really rad organization with a really rad Twitter account. They cover the cost of therapy for people all across the world, improving global mental health through increased access.

Love RAD's Twitter. So community-focused

Why we love it

Mental health is a complicated business, but RAD’s Twitter account deftly balances fun memes and self-care tips with check-in prompts and company updates. Because the org has its roots in World of Warcraft, there’s a definite gamer theme to RAD and its Twitter feed, which creates a feeling of community and brings levity to such a serious topic.

How to do it

  • Engage with your Twitter community by asking your followers direct questions to get them engaged.
  • Make your own memes based on your supporter demographics. RAD is all about gaming and anime; if you can tap into what your supporters love, you’ll have a new venue for connection and community.

The Nature Conservancy

In a rapidly changing and warming world, the Nature Conservancy fights climate change, builds healthy cities, and protects our oceans and land. Their greatest asset is the sheer beauty of our wild places, and they use that to make an impact across all social platforms—Twitter included.

A gorgeous tweet from The Nature Conservancy.

Why we love it

The Nature Conservancy’s Twitter account stands out because they use striking visuals to engage people within a text-based environment. They know that their supporters want to protect our natural places, so by showcasing them in all their pristine glory, you can’t help but pause your scrolling to stare.

How to do it

  • While Twitter is known for pithy text, you can mix things up by bringing in beautiful images, GIFs, and memes. If they’re awesome enough, everyone will be retweeting in no time!
  • Base your social strategy on your strengths. The Nature Conservancy uses prominent images, even on Twitter, because those photos effortlessly show why their work matters. Lean into your unique strengths, whether it’s powerful stories, impressive numbers, dazzling images, or broad-reaching memes.

Southern Poverty Law Center

Most of us can agree that we hate hate, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) fights the good fight by fighting hate in all its forms. By monitoring domestic hate groups and advancing human rights, they aim to dismantle white supremacy and bring about systemic change. That’s a lot for social media to handle—but they do a bang-up job.

Why we love it

SPLC tackles a variety of incredibly complex issues, but their Twitter feed breaks it all down in ways that are accessible, educational, and actionable. We’re impressed by their ability to distill lengthy articles into two-sentence summaries that let users know what to expect but encourage them to learn more. Additionally, by regularly sharing third-party links from credible sources, they up engagement with minimal effort.

How to do it

  • Link out to third-party content when updating your supporters in order to increase engagement and credibility.
  • Spend time researching articles that relate to your cause or shout-out your organization. You can also set up Google alerts to notify you whenever your org is mentioned in the news. Then, pass that vital info along by sharing across social channels.

Son of a Saint

Son of a Saint takes mentorship to a new level by transforming the lives of fatherless boys throughout Greater New Orleans. Their Twitter is engaged and community-focused in a space that can be faceless and cold. Clearly, something's working because their mentees are performing better than the average student in New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and the U.S. as a whole—from test scores, to high school graduation rates, to college enrollment.

Son of a Saint twitter post, with two pictures, one of which is ruined by the addition of UF alum Tim Tebow.

Why we love it

Son of a Saint's twitter account is a reflection of their real-life impact. Mentors like pro football players and kids and staff all chime in to the conversation, highlighting more than just fame and celebrity, but the connections that are made when people act on the missions they care about.

How to do it

Use pictures instead of just words! Invite your community to speak up and when they do, listen and then keep the conversation going. Always be respectful and keep it positive because you never know who's watching.


For all the latest news (and all the latest celebrity apologies), Twitter is still the place to be. And since we pride ourselves on staying in the know, tune into Funraise’s Twitterverse for quick takes and must-know updates.

Why you should follow us

Twitter is about fast clicks, so we like to use this channel to provide useful links and amplify other orgs and accounts we love. It’s also a great place to reach us if you want your social feed with a side of interaction; we love engaging across industries and interests!

How to do it

Instead of giving you our tips, we’re going to turn this one over to some other nonprofit Twitter pros. Here are some of our fav nonprofit Twitter accounts and influencers for some excellent inspo. And please keep in mind: there are more than a few nonprofiteers that have left Twitter since its acquisition, so as things progress, Twitter influencers may change.


When it comes to connecting with the next generation of donors—and trying your hand at viral dance challenges—TikTok’s your social media secret weapon. Since launching in 2016, the video-sharing app has become a must-scroll, with almost 100 million US users and over 1.7 billion global users (Viralyft). And TikTok offers some great resources for social-savvy nonprofits through TikTok for Good. Here, you’ll get context on which causes make TikTokers tick, lists of the latest must-use hashtags, and insights into potential collabs in the future.


Several years ago our formerly mustache-free coworkers started sporting some truly awkward facial hair in early November. Today, Movember is one of those nonprofits that everyone knows, and it all started as a movement to support men’s health. It stands to reason that an organization that made facial hair go viral would have a pretty great TikTok account, too.

@movember #duet with @axelavram POV: people looking at your 4 day old #Movember ♬ original sound - Movember

Why we love it

Movember’s TikTok features clips from passionate fundraisers who are growing out their facial hair (or Mo-ing their own way) in support of the cause. Because of that, there’s always something new to watch, and it always feels genuine—and genuinely fun.

How to do it

  • Keep your Tiktoks charmingly unpretentious by filming them as personal videos instead of branded ones. You be you, and your followers will love it.
  • Stay aware of all the latest TikTok trends by spending some time “researching” (AKA bopping around on your phone) each week. When you spot a new trend, incorporate it ASAP. Rest assured there will be a new one next week!
  • To mix up the familiar faces on your TikTok page, ask your coworkers to take some videos and put their own spin on things.

First Step Communities

First Step Communities builds interim housing for houseless folks in Sacramento, CA. This organization is all about community, and their social channels aim to showcase the day-to-day alongside the big wins. It’s a rare glimpse into what an organization actually looks like and how it functions.

@firststepcommunities Great week at The Grove!💖 Check out our Amazon Wishlist (linked in bio) to support! #endhomelessness ♬ vlog type beat - Fleeky

Why we love it

Often, supporters feel detached from the actual on-the-ground work that goes into running a nonprofit and delivering on its mission. First Step Communities’ TikTok showcases exactly what they do every day with their vlog-style content. They unpack hygiene kits, move folks into emergency housing units, share what a case manager does on a typical day, and lots more. Everything’s clearly narrated by a staff member so you feel like you really know where your money’s going—and that’s a swell feeling.

How to do it

  • Create your own vlog content by taking videos of your everyday goings-on so followers know what you’re up to. You can edit short clips together to weave compelling vignettes and make folks feel connected to your org.
  • Need more structure? Try filming a day in the life, GRWM (get ready with me), event overviews, and unboxing donated goods.

American Heart Association

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, but the American Heart Association (AHA) is working to change that. Because heart disease impacts almost everyone at some point, this nonprofit’s social media accounts highlight prevention and education through a diversity of content types.


🚨Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy🚨. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help with getting an early diagnosis: ✅ Fatigue ✅Fainting or dizziness ✅Chest pain ✅Heart palpitations ✅Swelling

♬ original sound - American Heart

Why we love it

American Heart Association’s TikTok is a smorgasbord of varied content and different strategies. There are videos of how to do CPR (so useful!), mid-week affirmations (so soothing!), and celebrity cameos (so fun!). Most of their videos are clearly labeled so you know just what to expect, and their instantly recognizable AHA frame ensures that you know exactly who you’re watching.

How to do it

  • Feature a variety of people on your channel to appeal to different swathes of the population—and it doesn’t hurt to throw in a dog now and then, like AHA does!
  • Provide content that relates to your cause while being useful for your followers. For AHA, that means tips on how to improve sleep quality or cut down on drinking. For a pet rescue, it might mean listing local pet sitters or reminding people what foods are poisonous for dogs (just don’t keep grapes in your house EVER).


While TikTok is still working on its fundraising game, it’s a great way to reach new audiences (particularly younger supporters), tell authentic stories, and just be creative and have some fun. That’s what we’re doing, anyway.

@teamfunraise Slackmojis are the only form of accepted communcation #slack ♬ Dont do it - Louis Hanson

Why you should follow us

If you didn’t already know, we’re new to TikTok. But thanks to our incredible social media and community manager, Melissa Leventhal, we’re upping our Funraise Tok game by the day. And we’re pretty sure we’re about to go viral any day now? Anyway, we’re having tons of fun sharing info in new ways, so keep an eye on our account.

How to do it

Straight from Melissa’s mouth, here’s our top TikTok tip: “Talking and carousel videos are on the rise, whether that’s story time, positioning yourself as an expert in your space, or even giving recommendations or reviews. It usually hits the algorithm well, and it gives you a chance to humanize your profile and show people your personality!” Thank you, Melissa. You’re a wonderful human and an amazing TikToker (TikTokite?).


When you want to link up with other organizations and top talent, LinkedIn’s the way to go. It’s a social space with a side of professionalism, where nonprofits can establish themselves as thought leaders and world changers. Best of all, LinkedIn wants its users to do good, and it provides a variety of free resources for nonprofits. Here are some organizations that have impressed us with their online office space.

National Wildlife Federation

When you’re working to save wild places and species across the country, you get some pretty epic photographs. The National Wildlife Federation saves endangered wildlife and protects crucial habitats. Plus, their social accounts brighten people’s days by providing a burst of color from a monarch’s wings or a dose of cute in the form of a baby polar bear.

voting for National Wildlife Federation's social media banner animal!

What we love

National Wildlife Federation’s LinkedIn breaks up the platform’s many blocks of text with truly stunning nature and wildlife photography. As a result, you can’t help but pause your scrolling. But they’re also clever, pairing their photos with fun captions that engage viewers and encourage them to click to learn more. Finally, they run frequent photo contests and polls to engage directly with their supporters in a nonmonetary capacity.

How to do it

  • Post content in unexpected formats to make people stop and take notice. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, but as a nonprofit, your work crosses into many people’s daily lives. Share away!
  • Engage your audience with direct questions, surveys, and contests. It’s particularly powerful to ask them to take part in decision-making processes for your organization, as National Wildlife Federation does with their favorite photo poll.
  • Encourage people to keep reading by including a catchy hook. On LinkedIn, only a small amount of your text will appear above the digital fold. If you want people to learn more, you have to make ‘em want to click.

Liberty In North Korea

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) supports North Korean refugees in escaping a brutal regime and building new lives. All their social accounts are powerful, but their LinkedIn really stands out for highlighting the stories of those they’ve helped.

A LiNK LinkedIn post with a Korean posing in front of an office wall smiling.

Why we love it

Escaping from North Korea and building a new life is a grueling process, even with LiNK’s outstanding resources and support. As a result, North Korean refugees have incredibly moving stories to tell. LiNK’s LinkedIn puts these stories front and center, with direct quotes from the people they’ve helped and enough detail to keep you reading. On a social media platform that often includes empty aphorisms and a lot of flexing, LiNK’s posts are authentic and affecting.

How to do it

  • If you want to ensure you have compelling content, source stories from the people you work with. Then, tell their story in their own words.
  • Don’t be afraid of more long-form content on occasion. If what you’re saying is engaging enough, people will want to keep reading.
  • Balance the tone of your content. While LiNK’s stories can be upsetting, most have a happy ending. Furthermore, the organization breaks up more serious content with upbeat posts from supporters and staff.

New York Cares

New York Cares is all about cultivating a network of New Yorkers dedicated to volunteering. Their LinkedIn, therefore, has an extra-important role to play: building a network of professionals AND potential volunteers. Their profile is all about showcasing everything their amazing volunteers do to make New York a better place for everyone.

Why we love it

New York Cares’ LinkedIn account isn’t super polished or revolutionary, but it’s chock full of compelling updates and videos highlighting their programs, staff, and clients. And in a social landscape where everything starts to blur together (especially on a business-y platform like LinkedIn), it’s remarkably celebratory and cheerful.

How to do it

  • Play with different types of content to see what sticks with different audiences. People use LinkedIn in so many different ways, with almost 14% using it for “funny or entertaining content” (thanks, HootSuite). Give the people what they want!
  • Provide a respite from LinkedIn’s corporate environment by posting authentic content that makes people smile.


At its digital heart, LinkedIn is a professional networking site, but over the years, it’s become much more than that. Our Funraise LinkedIn account includes a variety of content to suit (pretty much) every taste.

A Funraise LinkedIn post boasting about Innocence Project's growth in 2021-22

Why you should follow us

If you want to mix up your daily LinkedIn routine (everyone has one!), we strive to make Funraise on LI a place for everyone. In particular, we’ve been bringing in some short-form video content for a change of pace, but you’ll also find client profiles, fundraising tips and tricks, staff spotlights, prime giving days, and much more.

How to do it

  • Have a well-rounded strategy, with a solid mix of blog content, people-focused photos, video clips, and static graphics.
  • Engage with other members of your community. Part of LinkedIn is posting, but it’s also about liking and commenting and responding. If you want a solid LI presence, make sure you’re staying on top of other people’s comments. That’s how you build your brand and your relationships.


For nonprofits seeking to boldly go where no (or just a few) nonprofits have gone before, we suggest tapping into YouTube. It’s the biggest video platform in the world, with over 2.1 billion global users (Statista) and it's one of the most-used search platforms. The nonprofits below have channels that keep us glued to the screen—and they have the subscribers to prove it.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance puts a human face on rainforest protection by promoting human rights and improving business and agricultural practices. Their digital content seamlessly blends the human and natural worlds through striking colors, eye-catching photography, and varied content.

Why we love it

The Rainforest Alliance knows how to produce beautiful videos, but their YouTube channel isn’t all gorgeously shot misty rainforests with chirping birds (though we really love those videos, don’t get us wrong!). Their channel is varied, with dispatches from the field (from lots of different people in different areas), animation, soothing moments of zen, and even kid-friendly and educational content (think Schoolhouse Rock).

How to do it

  • Create a YouTube channel that has something for everyone. Make short clips and long-form videos, try some serious documentary-style contributions, and share light-hearted lessons.
  • With such a variety of content styles, the key is consistency in messaging and timing. Your supporters still want to have a sense of what to expect, so post regularly and make sure everything is on brand.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) helps people and animals thrive together. And they do amazing work on the ground and on the web. With 131,000 YouTube subscribers, they must be doing something right, so, like the adorable harbor seals they protect, let’s dive in.

Why we love it

On IFAW’s popular YouTube channel, their videos are instantly recognizable. Newer clips utilize their unique branding, so there’s no guessing who you’re watching. There’s also an emphasis on accessibility, with lengthier videos broken out into bite-sized chunks. Plus, large-font embedded captions on each video ensure accessibility and impact—and allow people to enjoy their content without headphones on.

How to do it

  • Create more content—and make it easier to watch—by breaking your longer content into small pieces. For example, if you create a “10 ways to green your city” listicle, make each of the 10 ways its own little nugget.
  • Lean into what your supporters want. For IFAW, that means lots of animals and gorgeous views. For a human rights organization, it’s wins big and small. Find your magic dust and sprinkle it everywhere! (We really don’t like the phrase “secret sauce,” hence “magic dust.”)


SaveAFox Rescue is all about saving captive-born foxes and finding them forever homes. That’s a niche mission—but with over 2 million (!) followers on YouTube, they’ve clearly made it accessible.

Why we love it

When you go to SaveAFox’s YouTube channel, you immediately see… a woman with an adorable fox in a baby carrier. What’s not to love?! They post all the time, mixing educational content with cute clips of their resident foxes. And there are shorts galore, each one offering up a foxy slice of life so everyone can get to know the critters they’re helping as well as the staff members who devote their lives to the mission.

How to do it

  • Try a membership program. If you have content that people can’t get enough of, they’ll pay to view it and get special perks. For instance, SaveAFox gives its Foxy Fan Club loyalty badges, early access to videos, and photo and status updates.
  • Link directly to your donation page in your YouTube profile. Many nonprofits link to their homepage from YouTube. Nope! Go straight to that donation page, so that anyone moved to give can do so immediately. If they want to learn more about your org, it’s just a click away.
  • Lean into niche content. SaveAFox is all foxes, all the time. If you have a very specific focus, figure out how you can make it feel universal through content.


Yes, we have a Funraise YouTube channel. But we think your best bet to finding Funraise’s best videos is on our site. We’ve got tutorials at Funraise University, webinars in our Resource Hub, and video case studies with some of our fav nonprofits. Take a gander!


Threads is a text-based social platform from Meta that's focused on sharing real-time updates and engaging discussion. Like Twitter (or X? Whatever Elon's calling it these days.), but each Threads account is connected to an Instagram account. Launched on July 6, 2023, Threads generated over 100 million sign-ups in the first week, becoming the fastest-adopted platform ever (and here's a Threads cheat sheet to use it like the cool kids!) Nonprofits are just starting to thread, and we're here for it!


CARE’s Thread strategy has been on fire since joining the platform. They keep it light-hearted and fun while keeping it aligned with the mission.

Why we love it

Besides being one of the originals on Threads, CARE isn't scared to get down and party. To try something new. To bring the heat.

How to do it

  • Stick with tried-and-true content, just updated. See how your IG posts do in this wild new world.
  • Solicit conversions by asking questions that Threaders can’t help but respond to.
  • Connect it all to your mission. All day, every day.

American Cancer Society

Who doesn't love an organization dedicated to kicking the butt of one of human (and animal)-kind's original nemeses? And when that ferocity comes out as social media sass? Please, be our friend, American Cancer Society.

Why we love it

They made a great first thread that set them apart from the others (tap tap tap, is this thing on?), and they even gave a nod to our gal, Taylor Swift, which is so timely with the recent release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version).

How to do it

  • Make your mission your #1 priority. That means relating every post back to how you're impacting the world today.
  • Use the casual, friendly vibe that Threads is giving as a way to touch a new audience. Speak up and speak out—you may be the only one on Threads who is.
  • Be ready to shift with the tides. Threads is just a wee bebe in the social platform world; if it grows, it will surely change, and if it flops, you'll need to redirect your attention.


Duh! Of course, if you’re looking for nonprofit tips, tricks, and fun content, you can follow us @funraise. See you there, friends!

Creating a social media strategy that works requires time, energy, and a commitment to watching lots of cat videos. But we have a feeling you’re up for the task. With these nonprofit social accounts as inspiration, you can get excited, get online, and start posting.

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