Best Techniques to Increase Donations for Your Nonprofit

December 12, 2017
2 minutes

From the moment a potential donor lands on your website, they begin learning about your impact and building trust with your organization. Once you've earned their trust and inspired donors to give, what happens?

If potential donors are directed away from your site to complete their donation, the emotion and experience that inspired their action will be reduced dramatically, meaning donors are less likely to give and likely to give less. Your website should be more than a place for information for donors—it should be a fundraising experience! Creating an emotional journey and maintaining the connection is easier than you think. Set the tone and provide clearly visible donation buttons to get your donors started.

Place your donation buttons above the fold on all your pages.

Make donation buttons easy for donors to find.

“Above the fold” means the top portion of the page that you can see without scrolling. Adding bold buttons near the top does more than increase conversions from clicks, it also sets the tone for the page. When an action like “Donate” is clearly defined at the beginning of their experience, viewers think, “I can donate to this” as they move through the page, transforming your website into a donation-driving fundraising experience.

The easier it is for your donors to navigate a form, the higher conversions will be. We've designed our Donation Forms to be easily customizable for just this reason! Quickly embed them on your existing website or build a custom form using our easy template builder. Give your donors the quality experience they expect from your organization; when donating feels natural, comfortable, and secure, donors will give to your organization again and again.

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