7 Ways to Build a Better Nonprofit Board of Directors Today

September 24, 2018
3 minutes

It's happening right now, isn't it? You're gritting your teeth in frustration over something that fell between the cracks. Yeah, we know. 

And hey, we also know your board isn't a bunch of villains out to thwart your vision; in fact, it's the opposite! They want to be helpful, they yearn to make a difference, they're itching to Get Things Done. But somehow... well, let's just say that now you understand the phrase "too many board members in the kitchen." 

Here are seven things you can do rightthisminute to bring your board to a higher plane of productivity.​​

​Cancel the meeting

Even if you don't actually cancel the meeting. Just wipe the slate clean; cancel the old meeting in your head and start with a new meeting style. This time, make it worth your time. Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.

Meme of Aubry Plaza as April on Parks and Rec saying, "Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge."

Get Funraise

There are lots of tools out there to make your job easier. We truly believe that Funraise is the best, most efficient, most cost-effective, user-friendly all-in-one fundraising platform in the galaxy. And yeah, our platform will help you see those goals and raise the stakes.

Break it up

Get yo'self some committees! Erin Chidsey, nonprofit board whisperer and Funraise friend, recommends that every board have these three committees: Recruitment, Fundraising, and Finance. Break up the work and get it done faster. (We're partial to the Party Planning Committee, ourselves.)

Make it up

It's time you set some ground rules for your board members. If you don't have a plainly-written job description that your board members can refer to, draw one up now. No joke, this could be a game-changer for members of your board that are floundering without clear-cut direction.

Shake it up

Consider shedding some dead weight. Yes, we mean letting board members go. You may find that it's not necessary, but you won't know until you take a hard look at what your members are doing for your organization. If they're not bringing value to the table, ask yourself this tough question: "Why are they on the board?"

Your organization deserves an army of dedicated, engaged board members. Today's the day you start enlisting the best supporters around.

Pick the napkins

Day-to-day tasks are all you and your staff. Take the small stuff out of your board's hands and get them working on higher-level stuff, like getting you the money to do what you need to do.

Expand the board

Your organization deserves an army of dedicated, engaged board members. Remember that time like a minute ago when you wrote a board member job description? Send that bad boy to your new Recruitment committee and get them enlisting the best supporters around.

Bonus Tip! Get Funraise

Yeah, it's that good. Right now, you think of Funraise as a way to treat yo'self, but once you use it, it'll become an everyday necessity, just like elbow bedazzling.

If you need more than a minute's worth of guidance, Funraise has your back. Check out this webinar we did with Erin Chidsey—it's chock full of advice on building a kickass nonprofit board of directors.

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