32 Best AI Tools for Your Nonprofit’s Every Need (Free and Paid)

April 8, 2024
8 minutes
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Whether you think AI is all that or all hype, no one can deny that it comes in handy from time to time. But ChatGPT is no longer the lone hero (antihero?) of this still-unfolding story, and figuring out where to go for all your artificial intelligence needs can be tough when there are new players every hour. While we can't possibly keep up with every new AI gizmo and gadget (we're only human with a robot assist!), we can share a wide range of our favorite tools. From writing a sonnet recapping your spring gala to cleaning up the photos of your annual board retreat, AI has the perfect bite for every taste.

Authentic Artificial Intelligence perfect for fundraisers: Fundraising Intelligence

Top artificial intelligence tools are genuine gold for nonprofit fundraisers—and Funraise is launching a new era in fundraising reporting with Fundraising Intelligence. Fundraising Intelligence goes farther than just reporting, though; as a growing suite of analysis and forecasting tools, AI explanations, automated alerts, and more, Fundraising Intelligence delivers everything from pre-built fundraising reports to donation trend forecasting.

One fundraising AI tool for incredible nonprofit success: AppealAI

Did you know that your favorite fundraising tech tool has an artificial intelligence feature built specifically to assist your fundraising efforts? Yep, Funraise built AppealAI with you in mind. AppealAI is a powerful tool that writes compelling peer-to-peer appeals, emails, social media posts; keeps your donors' data safe while foiling fraudsters, delivers donor-specific ask strings, ...and the best part? AppealAI's usefulness just keeps on expanding.

Working together, Fundraising Intelligence and AppealAI are a natural artificial intelligence dream team.

6 articulate AI tools for content creation

The reign of AI began with natural language processing content generation tools like ChatGPT and Bard. Here are some eloquent AI tools to help you unleash your inner writer. And of course, with any AI solution, you'll need to do a solid edit and check for accuracy before your fledgling AI content is ready to go out into the world.


Jasper does it all when it comes to content, from expanding previously written text to writing social media captions. You can personalize the voice, set word counts, optimize for SEO, and check for plagiarism (whew!).


Grammarly and Grammarly Business are classics for a reason. Grammarly Business has long reminded us that using “own” is redundant. Now, GrammarlyGO uses generative AI tools to help you create a wide range of content in the first place, from brainstorming ideas to wrapping up that long-form article with a tidy concluding bow.

SEMrush Title Generator

While long-form AI content can often put you to sleep, the technology shines when it comes to catchy headlines. The AI Title Generator, developed by SEMrush, is an AI-powered tool that helps you craft reader-centric and SEO-friendly titles. It's totally free and a snap to use—just type and click.


Despite the fact that Rytr uses “Best Grammarly alternative” as a full sentence on its website, it's really good at editing! Just highlight the sentence you want it to improve, and it'll fix up your typo-laden prose in seconds. Say goodbye to your/you're confusion!


HootSuite's OwlyWriter (way to commit to a nocturnal-bird-of-prey theme, HootSuite!) is made for social media, writing catchy captions and heavenly hashtags as well as repurposing old content to keep your feed fresh.


If SEO is your goal, Frase is your go-to AI companion. It analyzes existing content, writes SEO-friendly outlines for blog posts, suggests keywords, and displays all the top-performing competitor posts, so you can see what's working and what's not.

5 artistic AI tools for image creation

“Show don't tell” goes the old adage, and so goes the world of AI, too. Next up, we're exploring the Monets and Manets of AI image generator tools, standing at the ready to make your visuals as compelling as your words.

Generative Fill

Adobe Photoshop's new AI feature, Generative Fill (catchy!), lets you add and remove objects, expand images, or swap out entire backgrounds. In a flash, all those mismatched headshots on your website can have the same super-professional background … or they can all wear fancy hats. The choice is yours, nonprofiteer!


The ChatGPT of image creators, DALL-E makes original images out of thin air. For a nonprofit, that's not super useful (real photos FTW!), but it can certainly help you brainstorm, ideate, and experiment. We bet it has some rockin' ideas for your next fundraiser's themed centerpieces, too.


For a lot of us, our web design skills stop at drawing our idea on the back of a napkin. But thanks to Sketch2Code, you can now convert those brilliant rough sketches to working HTML prototypes in minutes. You'll still need experience in wireframing and UX to create anything usable, of course.


Having an eye-catching color palette is integral to your brand, but choosing those emotionally resonant, deeply personal colors can be a challenge. Enter Khroma, which uses AI to help you create the perfect palette, whether it's for a site rebrand or your next event.


All those images—do you have any video? If it's not in your budget (either time or $$... or both), it's time to head over to Pictory. Load in a script -> get a video. Upload a blog post -> get a video. Load in a video -> get a bunch of videos. Yep, break up one video into a buncha smaller videos perfect for social media.

3 meticulous Artificial Intelligence tools for data analysis

These days, many of us worship at the altar of data, looking to the numbers to drive our decisions, scale our growth, and put a smile on our donors' faces. Whatever your level of data expertise, there's an AI tool to help you make the most of the numbers you've got.

Fundraising Intelligence

If you want to take advantage of your data but lack the technical skills to wade through, analyze, and visualize it, Funraise's Fundraising Intelligence is the tool for you. It puts the focus on accessibility, answering your questions free of jargon, surfacing insights, and creating shareable visualizations. And for the professional data analyst on your team who wants to power up your analytics and process larger data sets, Fundraising Intelligence offers a mighty set of artificial intelligence tools.

Formula Bot

Many of us are still using good ol' Google Sheets for our data needs—but without the data science know-how, it's pretty limiting. With Formula Bot, you can speak Sheets' language and harness the power of the spreadsheet, even if you don't know the difference between a cell and a range.

Browse AI

There's so much useful data out there, but in the bottomless sea of the internet, it can be almost impossible to find. The next time you're stumped for context when writing a grant application, turn to Browse AI, which lets you extract and monitor data from any website in an instant.

5 awesome AI tools for an amazing annual report

Use your best reporting tools, like Funraise's Fundraising Intelligence, to break out the previous year's impact highlights and then take it even further with these AI annual report tools. As with any artificial intelligence, before using your reporting, confirm with a human that the numbers are correct. Your foundation has to be rock solid for your reports to stand strong.


When it comes to creating reports from raw data, Taskade is one of our top picks. In conjunction with Funraise's Fundraising Intelligence, Taskade helps you deliver just the right data for a dynamite annual report.


If you're annual report will be particularly responsive through a standalone site, try Storydoc. You'll end up with an engaging deck on a distinct site that will bring your story to life—your way. Keep in mind that AI can't bring to the table what you can, which is lived experience, an opinion, and hope for the future


For a slide deck, Typeset is awesome. It's also kinda magic, taking stock of your words as you write and infusing them with design so quickly it seems like Typeset is in your head. Just confirm with a human that your branding, logo, and message are accurate, because, whoa.


The best parts of an annual report are all the juicy moments of impact you get to share. So make 'em shareable! Tools like Followr can suggest content, build a social calendar, and create posts highlighting the highlights.


When you're trying to deliver a report full of shareable content, build an in-your-face annual report site no one can ignore. Readymag requires attention to detail and careful following-of-steps, but it doesn't require coding knowledge. If nothing else, check out their extensive gallery of examples for some annual report inspiration!

3 distinctive AI tools for marketing personalization

These days, we all want to be seen for the special unicorns we are, and that makes marketing personalization a vital part of every nonprofit's strategy. With these AI tools, you'll be catering to the unique whims of every community member with ease.

Cool Gift Ideas

It's hard enough to get your life partner a jaw-dropping present for their bday once a year—how are you supposed to wow every major donor with the perfect thank-you gift? With Cool Gift Ideas, you just write a sentence or two about them and the occasion, and it'll recommend some sure-to-impress trinkets.


When it comes to donor relationships, personalization is the way to go, and one way marketers the world over ensure bespoke communications is through developing user personas. While a brand strategist can really up your persona game, PersonaGen is a great first step, helping you identity and analyze your target audiences and generating personas accordingly.

Google Translate

In our fabulously diverse world, if you want to grow your reach, you'd better be able to speak 45 different languages. And if not, you'll want to run your emails, newsletters, and social posts through Google Translate, which supports over 100 languages and uses AI to tweak translations for fluency and quality.

4 efficient AI tools for increasing productivity

With so much to do and only so many hours in the day, one of the best uses of AI is to increase efficiency. These tools save you time and supercharge your productivity, so that you can focus on doing the humans-only stuff … and maybe taking a lunch break once in a while.


Making a PowerPoint deck tops most workers' “tasks I hate with an eternally burning fire” list, but Gamma makes the process far less painful. You enter the content, and it creates a summary presentation, along with color options. All that's left to you is a careful edit and uploading some photos.


Taking notes is one of those tasks most of us would gladly outsource to AI, and Fireflies.ai does it right. It records your meetings, transcribes them, provides advanced search features (want to search by theme? Done and done.), and then helps you analyze what the heck actually happened.


If you've ever tried to wade through those bylaws to add an amendment, you know that Legalese is one of the biggest time sucks there is for nonprofits … and everyone else. With BetterLegal, you can cut through the confusion and know exactly what you're signing up for. (Plus, you can translate your legal documents into pirate-speak with a click!)


We've all been in a meeting where you can't hear the speaker, and they're like, “Sorry, my dog saw another dog and also my cat just started singing opera!” But Krisp uses AI to remove background noise and echoes, making every meeting crystal clear. Plus, its AI assistant feature transcribes the meeting and takes notes.

3 stunning AI tools for event perfection

Nonprofit events are crucial tools for fundraising, fostering relationships, and raising awareness, but they require soooo much work. Happily, there are AI tools to help streamline processes and turn those 16-hour days in 12-hour ones.


Need a little music to set the mood for your next event? Soundraw lets you create your own tunes, specifying genre, mood, and length. Introduce a climate-change villain with their own “Imperial March” a la Star Wars or pipe in some dreamy tunes to put everyone at ease during the cocktail hour.


Nothing jazzes up an event like a signature cocktail, but our inner mixologist often leads us astray, so we end up with Midori and Bailey's mixed with ginger ale. (Don't do it. Just don't.) BarGPT is your AI bartender, writing delish, on-theme cocktail recipes for whatever you have on hand.


No more all-nighters writing 200 place cards for your guests! With Calligrapher, you just type the text, customize the settings, and watch it write. Pro tip: For a good time, boost the speed and lower the legibility. LOLOL.

And 1 comprehensive AI tool for finding your next AI tool

There's An AI For That

There's An AI For That is a compendium of any and every AI tool you could want. Browse by category, check out the latest additions, or search for exactly what you need. We found one that generated new Pokemon from text descriptions … so we won't be answering emails for the rest of the day.

Today, we have thousands of AI tools to choose from, with more appearing every day—and that's reason for nonprofits of all stripes and spots to celebrate. So, whether you're managing donations, rallying supporters, or swapping faces with your colleagues (you can do that!), there's an AI tool to turbocharge your world-changing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best AI platform for nonprofits?

The best AI platform for the nonprofit sector is Funraise's AppealAI, a generative AI tool with powerful features, advanced algorithms, and machine learning tools that deliver high-quality content and industry-leading security.

How do you use AI for nonprofits?

Nonprofits can use AI in a wide range of ways. Funraise's AppealAI includes advanced algorithms to assist in donor asks, generative AI tools to facilitate deep learning and data-driven decisions, artificial intelligence algorithms to secure vulnerable nonprofit and donor data, and writing tools to generate effective peer-to-peer appeals, emails, social posts, and more.

What are the top most useful AI tools?

The most useful AI tools are the ones that help you do your job better—not ones that do your job for you. Automated reports help you sift through vast amounts of info to make data-driven decisions. Chatbots take your customer engagement to a new level of customer satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence algorithms produce video scripts, high-quality video content, and other valuable assets that help you achieve your goals.

What is the best AI tool?

The best AI tool is the tool that you feel comfortable using. The tool type that extends your resources instead of sucking them dry. The most convenient tool is a productivity tool that actually makes you more productive.

How to use AI to increase productivity?

Productivity tools across the internet range from virtual assistants to machine learning to predictive modeling to high-quality video creation. Any task that becomes easier, faster, or more effective due to AI is a net gain in productivity. So how to use AI to increase productivity? Just use it. 

How can my nonprofit use AI tools to make money?

Business processes always have a cost. But the best way to make money with AI is to use the advanced features to increase organic traffic, make informed decisions, create high-quality videos and high-quality images, and do what you do already—just better. 

What is the best AI writing tool?

AI is moving so fast that by the time you read our pick, it'd be out of date. Generative language models have advanced features, but shouldn't be used as sole creators. They work best as writing assistants with you in finalizing your high-quality content. Having said that, AppealAI is made specifically for nonprofits, with powerful features and advanced algorithms that work for a wide range of charitable organizations.

What is the best AI marketing tool?

The best AI marketing tool for nonprofits automates small tasks so that you can be the creative force behind your marketing efforts. If you're using a martech platform like HubSpot, it may have convenient tools with key features built in. Check your product description to see if there's a video generator, design tools, virtual assistant, or code tools included in your existing platform.

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