Donation Analytics

Numbers never lie. The most precise and comprehensive donation tracking and analytics software tools.

Trends section of Funraise, showing a green line graph.

Your data. Visualized.

One Graph to Rule Them All.

Let your entire team track the performance and health of your most important fundraising metrics in one place.

Trends section of Funraise, showing a green line graph.
Live Donation Feeds

This is what nonprofit entertainment looks like.

Watch donation activity feeds and monitor fundraising revenue by week, month, and year... or as it happens.

Understand Website Performance

Break it down to the best web pages bringing in bookoo bucks.

See which pages on your own website convert the most donations, which pages elicit the highest average donation, and other thrilling data.

Table of lists within the Trends section of Funraise.
Expiring Recurring Subscriptions report within Funraise
Expiring Credit Card Report

Relax. We didn't say report card; it's the Expiring Credit Card Report.

See potential loss reports for recurring cards expiring within 90 days. Take action with a prebuilt retention email campaign and donation subscription strategy.

Use your own data to make better decisions.

Track Revenue Sources
Analyze year-to-date and 30-day performances of your one-time, recurring, and offline revenue sources.
See the performance of each Giving Form you create. Stretch your goals and track progress, giving form by giving form.
See how your current fundraising performance compares with last year, using year-over-year and month-over-month visual reports.
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