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Crowdfunding Goals

Rally Your Community

Whether it’s new housing, transitional medical procedures, or emergency assistance, a crowdfunding website is a proven way to engage supporters to fulfill the need. With goal progress bars and donor feeds, the community can truly come together and support your ongoing programs and pressing needs.

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Social Fundraising

Increase Your Reach

Invite supporters to create personal fundraising pages that are built to increase your social reach. Each time a fundraiser shares their page, they're not only raising money, they're also sharing your core messages with their friends and family. Social fundraising increases your community’s visibility and raises funds, a win-win.

Monthly Giving

Build Your Movement

Provide an impactful and consistent way for your community, parents, and allies to contribute to your mission. Monthly donations are a critical component of sustained revenue that can keep your supporters engaged and help you direct funds to the right place at the right time.

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