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Crowdfunding Campaigns

Rally Your Community

Creative crowdfunding campaigns are a proven way to fulfill community needs: new and transitional housing, job training and opportunities, or emergency assistance. A crowdfunding website is a proven way to engage supporters and support your ongoing programs.

A group of park clean-up volunteers cheer, raising up their gloved hands and holding up the trash bags they're carrying.
A woman holds her son close as both of them grin at the camera. The son appears to have down syndrome.
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

P2P Fundraising = Awareness

Funraise’s peer-to-peer tools are built for sharing. Enable supporters to create fundraising pages that will share your core message with friends and family, increasing both awareness and revenue, and helping you build a strong community of supporters.

Monthly Giving

Build Your Movement

Provide an impactful and consistent way for your community to donate to your mission. Use monthly donation programs to fund shelter, sustenance, support, and other ongoing needs. Monthly giving is one of the best ways to fund your work and engage your community.

A man leans forward to show the letters on his baseball cap that read LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

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