Using Hard Data to Help Your Nonprofit Modernize its Fundraising Technology

September 26, 2019
9 minutes

You'll be hard-pressed nowadays to convince anybody of anything without good ol' fashioned data to back you up. Nonprofits know all about doubling down on data. Like, have you ever tried writing a grant without using hard data to back up your need for funds? We rest our case.

That's why this year we've partnered with Nonprofit Tech for Good to bring you the Global NGO Technology Report 2019. The report is filled to the brim with nonprofit technology data from nearly 6,000 NGOs across the globe. How is this supposed to help you? Well, you can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been—and how you measure up to your peers. This report underscores all the major technology trends affecting nonprofits worldwide. It's compiled to help you determine how you measure up and where the major technology gaps are for nonprofits so we start building bridges instead of roadblocks.

Do you need to switch donor CRMs? Want to finally develop a text-to-give strategy? Need to make your website more accessible? Whatever change you want to implement at your nonprofit, we've got data to help you get all the things you need so you can do that important work you do. Use these stats to help you make your fundraising tech dreams come true (didn't mean to rhyme, it just happens sometimes).

If you want to try peer-to-peer fundraising

61% of nonprofits still don't use peer-to-peer fundraising

Making the case: Peer-to-peer fundraising is on the up and up. Right now, nonprofits that can successfully leverage the social power of their supporters to launch peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns have the potential to raise bookoo bucks. If you're not sure how to start using peer-to-peer, begin with Giving Tuesday. In 2018, nonprofits raised $400 million on Giving Tuesday, so the fundraising potential is through the roof. There's also a ton of resources out there to help you launch a super successful campaign (like our ready-made Giving Tuesday Toolkit, toot, toot). 

If you need more convincing, check out how Funraise's customer Dressember uses peer-to-peer campaigns to exponentially boost their donations.

If you want to adopt a Text Engagement strategy

Only 13% of nonprofits currently use text-to-give in their fundraising strategy

Making the case: Oh, you thought texting was just for sending memes to your besties and cute kittens to Aunt Gertrude? While Text Engagement for nonprofits is relatively new, nonprofits that have adopted this strategy have seen great results when it comes to bringing in the donations. Especially if you're a nonprofit focused on disaster relief efforts. Right now is prime time to start developing a Text Engagement strategy. Want to stand out? Start texting your donors using these best practices.

If you need a nonprofit CRM or want to switch over to a new one

36% of nonprofits still don't have a nonprofit CRM, and 15% have one but aren't happy with it

Chart with data: 36% of nonprofits don't have a nonprofit CRM, 15% have one but aren't happy with it.

Making the case: Life's too short to walk around managing donors in spreadsheets or being unsatisfied with your existing donor CRM. Your nonprofit deserves better—ask the 64% of nonprofits that currently use a CRM to manage their donors and donations. It's #facts that nonprofits thrive when they modernize their systems, so investing in a nonprofit CRM, or switching to a more user-friendly one, can take your online fundraising to new heights.

If you need to deepen your social media strategy

37% of nonprofits have a Facebook group, and 22% have a LinkedIn group

Chart data: 37% of nonprofits have a facebook group, 22% of nonprofits have a linkedin group

Making the case: Social media groups for nonprofits are on the rise. Why? Because they're built-in communities that allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of what's going on with your donor base. They also provide a safe space for your constituents to have meaningful conversations and are an amazing place to organically gather information to help you better serve your donors and supporters. Whether you want to start your own group or join existing groups, this a great way for nonprofits to engage with their many audiences.

If you want to start doing email appeals

34% of nonprofits don't send email appeals

Making the case: We don't know about you all, but it's pretty shocking that in the year 2019, so many nonprofits are still not sending email fundraising appeals. Shocking🤯. 70% of nonprofits reported that sending email appeals is an effective fundraising tool, which is darn impressive. If you've got an awesome CRM that seamlessly integrates with your email marketing platform, implementing email appeals into your fundraising strategy is a no-brainer.

If you want to make your website more accessible

Only 21% of nonprofit websites are accessible to people with disabilities

Making the case: The fact that only 20% of nonprofits have an accessible website is mind-boggling. If your nonprofit wants to lead the charge, take the necessary steps to make your website accessible to those who are visually and physically impaired. Yeah, it can be a daunting task, but so is visiting a website of a cause you care about only to find out it doesn't cater to people who use the internet the way you do. The more that organizations make accessibility a priority and get on board with basic web accessibility guidelines, the better we can serve EVERYbody.

If you need a nonprofit-focused events management tool

67% of nonprofit websites have event registration

Making the case: How many events does your nonprofit host a year? We're guessing at least a handful. If your nonprofit is one of the more than 30% that don't have event registration built into their website, then it may be time to revisit your web strategy. Having Events & Ticketing built into your donor CRM is the best way to gather supporter and donor data, sell tickets, collect donations, and promote your event. Sure, there are tons of third-party event sites out there, but none of them cater to the specific needs of nonprofits. And we're pretty sure none of them funnel all the event attendees into your CRM—meaning less headache when you follow up and cultivate new donors.

It's time to fight for your nonprofit's right to party (in the 21st century). Download the Global NGO Technology Report today to get even more data to help you make the case for modernization at your nonprofit.

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