2017 Funraise Townhall Survey results are in!

October 28, 2017

Thanks to all of our wonderful Funraise users for participating in our Townhall Survey. It’s an honor to hear your feedback and we take all of your comments to heart. Are you curious what others have had to say? Of course you are!

“The customer service I have received has been way beyond expectation.”

97% of responders answered every question. Every single one!
69% of you use Funraise 4+ days per week.
73% of you have first-hand experience with building Campaign Sites.

The front running favorites for new features are the ability to email supporters directly from platform and the ability for supporters to update their own profiles. Both solid suggestions and we’re working on it! Several people have suggested improvements for the user interface which were excellent and our User Experience team is evaluating the best way to implement them - so keep ‘em coming! The most common terms used to describe our Customer Success Managers: Talking to real people! Available. Kind. Friendly. Willing to help. Show interest in our organization. Fast response time.

“It's super easy to use. And there is no limit on how many forms we create.”

Thank you again—and if there are any users in your organization who haven’t yet responded, please invite them to share their experience. We want to hear from all of you!

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