Timing is everything: Back on My Feet and dfree make the leap to Funraise

October 10, 2021
6 minutes

In the early days of the pandemic, two nonprofits were beginning their journeys with Funraise. In many ways these two organizations, dfree and Back on My Feet, are opposites, but each org has discovered that Funraise's technology was built just for them. Listen to their terrific testimonials!

Freedom to Fundraise

Tamika Stembridge, Executive Director at dfree, a financial freedom movement, describes herself as a "non-super-techy person", and dfree as an organization traditionally reliant on contributions from in-person events. Yet, when the pandemic hit and dfree began fundraising formally, she found that Funraise allowed her to quickly build donation pages and forms that donors responded to. They responded so well, in fact, that dfree reached their yearly individual fundraising goals by July.

Tamika says, "Although it was our first time doing online fundraising... people felt really comfortable giving to us ...it was a great way for us to usher in our fundraising efforts."

Riding the wave of that victory, Tamika looked for other ways that dfree could enhance the donor experience, finding success with peer-to-peer fundraising later in the year and connecting dfree's event tickets with donor contributions using Funraise's Events and Ticketing feature. And that's just to start.

A Natural Transition

Josh Gershman is a natural in the digital world, serving as Director of Digital Marketing & Annual Giving at Back on My Feet. The human services-focused org combats homelessness with unique community engagement, and hosts multiple in-person galas each year. But when the pandemic hit, they had to rewrite their playbook.

Although Josh's priority in partnering with Funraise is Back on My Feet's recurring donor program, the timing of their onboarding with Funraise gave Back on My Feet a perfect opportunity to see Funraise's Events and Ticketing feature in action. The realization that they could track donations, event attendance, and site engagement in realtime had Back on My Feet on their feet (for a standing ovation.)

Josh explains that Funraise's integration with Google Analytics doesn't offer shortcutted data—the well-thought-out integration offers a better way to access data: "We can configure [reporting] in Funraise exactly how I need so I can get the data I need."

Funraise isn't stopping

Funraise has set a robust roadmap for product releases—our goal is to work hard so fundraising is easy for you. The release of our donor portal app, Giving by Funraise, and the rollout of our Donor Covers Fees model is just the beginning. We've got much more in the works for nonprofiteers everywhere!

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