The ED's Guide to an Awesome Nonprofit Board

February 11, 2019
2 minutes

We hear you, executive director. Working with your board of directors can sometimes be a challenge. We're sure you’ve heard a chorus of nonprofit experts tell you how important your board is for visioning, strategic planning, high-level leadership, and fundraising. And they're right. You recognize that having an awesome partnership with board members and a well-functioning board is a necessary piece to helping your organization grow. But for some reason, you still find it difficult to even get board members to show up and participate in meetings, let alone make strategic decisions on the direction of your nonprofit. So, how are you supposed to achieve this unicorn board?

Fear not. We've Got The Nonprofit Executive Director’s Work-With-Your-Board Workbook

Inside The Nonprofit ED’s Work-With-Your-Board-Workbook, we’ve distilled the top-tier expert advice and best practices so that you don’t have to spend hours researching, banging your head against a wall, and crying into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Well, maybe that last one is just us. . .

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You know it takes intention and vision to lead your organization. Now is the time to review, reflect and implement a step-by-step plan to build your awesome nonprofit board. The Nonprofit Executive Director’s Work-With-Your-Board Workbook will show you how.

This workbook will lead you through a process to assess what’s really going on with your board so that you can identify key areas for improvement. As our resident board expert, Erin Chidsey (former March of Dimes Executive Director) says, “Everyone has the potential to add value. You just need to find the opportunity for them.” You know your board is passionate about your organization’s mission and vision. It’s a matter of harnessing their passion to help them add value as individual board members and as a board.

In the workbook, you’ll find invaluable guidance to help you:

  • Build an effective nonprofit board of directors
  • Create rock-solid job descriptions for board members
  • Intentionally recruit and retain board members
  • Build a BFF relationship with your board chair
  • Plan efficient, effective board meetings
  • Implement annual self-assessments for board members
  • Develop an A+ onboarding process for new board members
  • Cultivate high-functioning committees
  • Put a successful succession plan in place
  • Build a healthy team culture based on communication

In short, it’s all the things you likely know your board should be doing but currently is not.

Executive director, we know you work so hard for an organization that you truly care about. You put in long days, you manage staff, you build budgets, you support staff in executing the important strategic plan. You are steering the proverbial boat. The last thing you need is your board rowing in a different direction, or worse, on an entirely different boat.

You can do this! We know you can. That’s why we’re here to be your cheerleader and champion. Let’s work together inside The Nonprofit Executive Director’s Work-With-Your-Board Workbook to transform your board into the leaders your organization and cause need them to be.

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