Text-to-give: Messages To Make 'Em Donate Now

March 12, 2019
7 minutes

160 characters. Over 90% open rate. Increased sharing capabilities and digital network, all working with one another. Mobile-obsessed internet users reaching adulthood who've never taken a voice call.

Yep, there're lots of reasons to join in the text-to-give revolution. And if we've got to jump in, it might as well be with both feet. Embracing text-to-give for nonprofits is easy when you think of it as just texting a friend. So, following that line of thought, we've written you texts that will have your supporters telling all their friends (or Twitter followers, same thing) about the nonprofit that's serving up text magic.

Texts that make you feel good

"The good news: we found the cutest puppy in the world! The bad news: He needs surgery. Donate $10 to make these sad eyes happy again. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"What's better than treating yo' self? Treating someone else unexpectedly. $10 will fill a belly & put a smile on a child's face. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"You don't need a reason to make someone's day. Donate $10 to a just cause... just because. *{nonprofit} waves & laughs nervously* https://your.tiny.url.here"

Texts that make you think twice

"Imagine being 50 mi away from freedom and needing $10 to get there. Kim is so close to a new life: Donate $10 toward her escape. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"Did you cut off another driver during your commute this AM? If you need to rebalance your karma, {nonprofit} is accepting donations. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"Ready for your 2PM latte? That $5 goes farther than you'd imagine in {nonprofit}'s hands. Donate now and head home early for a nap. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Texts that make you go hmmm?

"Did you know that joy is contagious? Donate now & feel {nonprofit}'s immediate gratitude for your own instant gratification. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"If you add things to your to-do list just so you can cross 'em off, here's something you can do right now: Donate $10 to {nonprofit}. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"Found an article you'll like! tl;dr: {nonprofit} is rad and you can increase the radness. Donate $10 to moar rad, life-changing work. https://your.article.url.here"

"Would you rather loan your car to a stranger or donate $10 to {nonprofit}? That donation's sounding pretty good about now, isn't it? https://your.tiny.url.here"

Sharing is caring: Texts to share

Texts for one-time or small-dollar donors may feel like shouting into an echo chamber, but when you let up on the donation guilt and ask for something they instinctively understand—like a share or retweet—you may be surprised at the result. It's worth a try, anyway!

"Want to donate to {nonprofit} but need to eat? Share/retweet our social media ask. Changing the world is easy when everyone helps. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"Woof. woof. Dying puppies need your help. Donate $10 or share this text to bring puppies back to life. Do it for the zombie puppies. https://your.tiny.url.here"

"What if we said... DON'T donate $10 to {nonprofit}? $5+sharing/tweeting this text would make all the difference & be cheaper for you!" https://your.tiny.url.here

Note: we've only tested these on our friends, who instantly donated to deserving nonprofits on our behalf. But hey, whatever works!

If your supporters are anything like our friends (and they're probably even more awesome), these text messages will get lightning fast clicks and lots of laughs. Try them out with Text Engagement!

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