Raise More Money: Nonprofit CRM to Manage Fundraising Events

March 1, 2019
5 minutes

It's party time! So, you've just started planning your next nonprofit fundraising event and need a way to sell tickets, but there are sooooo many options out there. Where do you even start?

Trust us, we feel your pain. Nowadays, there are a ton of platforms that claim to be the best events management and fundraising solution, but they're not all created equal, and they're especially not all equipped to handle the specific needs of nonprofits.

Just because a certain platform may have worked well for planning your 106th annual family reunion or cosmic disco dance party doesn't mean you should use the same platform to plan a major (or minor) fundraising event. Sure, some third-party platforms have their place in planning certain types of events, but they definitely don't have the savvy and sophisticated nonprofiteer in mind. So, what's a fundraiser to do?

No need to fret. Here's why having an all-in-one events & ticketing solution that's built into your existing donor CRM is your best bet for planning your future nonprofit events.

Collect valuable donor data

Forget saving the best for last, the most important reason why you should be using a donor CRM with a built-in events & ticketing solution is that if you don't, you're most likely losing out on valuable data. Talk about a lost cause: one of the most important reasons to host a fundraising event (besides bringing in the bookoo bucks) is the chance to build and nurture relationships with your event attendees with the goal of turning them into recurring donors.

Having an Events & Ticketing solution makes relationship management super simple. With each ticket purchase or registration, detailed attendee information is pulled directly into your donor CRM where you can track and manage the beginning of every special relationship.

Maximize donations

Yeah, selling a ticket for your fundraising event is, like, super important, but you know what else is crucial? Making sure ticket buyers can also donate to your organization during the process (repeat after us: tickets are not donations!).

According to Nonprofit Pro, donations made on third-party platforms tend to be much smaller in size due to "impulse donating". Funraise's Events & Ticketing allows you to add a donate button to the ticketing page directly on your website, making it easy to raise more funds and hopefully receive a bigger donation size, moving you one step closer to reaching your fundraising goals—and hopefully recouping the cost of throwing such an awesome event.

Dark-skinned cartoon female holding cellphone. The phone is saying, "wanna donate?" Art by Sophie Cunningham

Branded to your organization

Remember all that work you put into developing your nonprofit brand and website? Well, that gets thrown out the window when you use a third-party site. Selling tickets (and collecting donations) on your own website is not only ideal in terms of data collection, but it helps build trust and brand recognition with your supporters.

No one wants to click on a link in an invitation email thinking they're going to your website just to be taken somewhere else completely. When you have Events & Ticketing built into your nonprofit CRM, the sky's the limit when it comes to customization, meaning you control every aspect of your nonprofit's story and ticketing and donation experience for your supporters.

Communicate with attendees

Since you've already collected all that valuable donor data from the ticket purchase that went directly into your donor CRM, you can easily communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event.

Communications include automated emails that provide detailed event and tax-deductible information to attendees. Want to get even fancier? Use Funraise's Text Engagement feature to text attendees pertinent information, or to ask for a last-minute donation to push your nonprofit closer to its fundraising goal (bonus: you can even display live fundraising progress at your event).

Demystifying the nonprofit event planning process is a beast, but we got you. It's time to rethink how you plan events and to take ownership of your valuable data. Who says you can't have it all? Let's raise the funds and the fun, together!

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